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Pneumatic/Hydraulic Rivet tools - The Best Of The Best

Think you've seen it all when it comes to rivet tools? Come take a look at the latest in riveting technology and see how far the rabbit hole goes...

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Automatic Feed Riveting

High speed automatic riveting is available and affordable for most precision fabricators and manufacturers. Two different styles of tools and riveting processes meet the bulk of the automatic riveting needs in the market today.

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New Panel Fasteners From Captive Fastener

The PSK/PSS series panel fastener is now available through JHP Fasteners ans in an equivalent to the PEM® PF11 Series

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Captive Fastener Exclusive

These male standoffs provide a permanently captivated fastener with a reusable threaded post to mount PC boards and other components in electronic displays.

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Sherex Fastening Solutions Flex-5

The Sherex Fastening Solutions FLEX-5 features 5,000 pounds of pulling force, is capable of installing rivet nuts from M3 to M10 (6-32 to 3/8-24) and is based on an innovative modular design. The FLEX-5 comes as a pull to pressure or pull to stroke tool and offers the flexibility to be converted to either style using a conversion kit from Sherex.