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Close To The Edge Self Clinching Studs

Some projects require the installation of an industrial fastener very close to the edge of the sheet, to the edge of a hole or close to a bend line. In those cases, Monroe-JHP Fasteners recommends the use of a close edge self clinching stud. Use of this type of self-clinching stud allows for fastener insertion at a point closer to the edge of the sheet than is allowed by most other types of studs. The close edge stud provides a flush-head assembly in material thicknesses of .040” (1mm) or more. These characteristics make the close edge stud a popular choice among engineers that need a high-quality self-clinching stud to satisfy the specific demands of their application.

Monroe-JHP Fasteners offers the close edge stud in a choice of materials and a wide variety of thread sizes (inch and metric). Contact us today to place your next order!


Properties for Close To The Edge Self Clinching Studs:

  • Material: The close edge self clinching stud is available in:
    • Heat-treated carbon steel (finished in Zinc clear)
    • 300 series stainless steel (finished per passivated ASTM A380)
  • Suitable for use in: Suitable usage as follows:
    • Heat-treated carbon steel - use in materials with HRB-80 or less
    • 300 series stainless steel - use in materials with HRB-70 or less
  • Available thread sizes: Inches: Available in #2-56 through #10-32. Metric: Available in M2.5 x 0.45 through M5.0 x 0.80.

Close to Edge Self Clinching Stud Application Notes:

  • The close edge self clinching stud can be installed closer to the edge of the sheet material without distorting the edge of that material. When properly installed, the stud’s head will be flush with its surrounding material.
  • The mating hole should be created by punching or drilling. The hole should not be deburred. The stud is inserted via application of a steady squeezing force until the head of the stud is flush with the sheet material.
  • These industrial fasteners provide excellent performance in the areas of push-out, torque-out, and pull-through. For example:
    • Depending on thread size and sheet material, the close edge stud provides push-out performance of between 55 pounds and 210 pounds. Pull-through performance will range between 230 pounds and 800 pounds.

Close Edge Self Clinching Studs Performance

The close edge stud provides solid performance in a wide range of industrial applications. Monroe JHP Fasteners has a full inventory of these industrial fasteners available at very competitive pricing. If you have questions about which thread size to use or which material would be most appropriate for your requirement, we have the expertise readily available to answer those questions.

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