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Flange Weld Nut with Projections

Flange weld nuts are uniquely designed fasteners that are manufactured to be welded to another metal object. There are a wide range of projection flange weld nut options that can be used for various applications. The flange weld nut that will best suit your needs will solely depend on your application and the type of component that it will be welded to.
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Projection Flange Weld Nut Options

At Monroe-JHP Fasteners we stock several highly reliable projection flange nut options that can be used for a variety of applications. Each style of projection weld nut that we carry has been quality checked to ensure quality and craftsmanship. We stock the following types of projection flange weld nuts:
  • Thru the HoleThis weld nut’s extended body makes it an ideal choice for those applications that require heavier welds. The self-locating feature also enables positive positioning of the weld nut to assist in the welding operation. 
  • On the Material The three-point weld projections of this nut are positioned on the flange in a fashion that allows for a robust weld connection without impacting the exterior surface of the mated component.
  • Ring Projection w/ Square BodyThis ring weld projection nut can be effectively welded to cross wire, while offering a larger sized weld area which provides a distinct advantage when welding to thin-gauge materials.
  • Ring Projection w/ Closed EndThis type of projection weld nut is designed to provide a strong hermetic seal as well as an exceptionally strong weld. This blind-hole design is an excellent option for thin sheet welding materials.
  • Rectangle Flange w/ 4 Projections - This weld nut has four precision weld projections located on the top of the flange to provide a weld that is strong and well balanced. It also features a “T” shape which allows the nut to be used in narrow channels and other confined spaces.

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