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Self-Clinching Standoffs

Monroe-JHP Fasteners offers a huge selection of blind and thru-hole self clinching standoffs. Manufactured from high quality aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and phosphor bronze, they are available in inch and metric sizes to suit a wide range of applications.

Blind standoffs and thru-hole standoffs are the most common varieties of these metal fasteners. They provide protection for fragile circuitry and electrical connections in printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electrical assemblies. Self clinching standoffs eliminate the need for loose hardware on aftermarket components.

The experts at Monroe JHP can help you select the right self clinching standoff for your specific application.

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How Self Clinch Standoffs Work

Attached components are stacked on top of each other or distanced from the framework material by a standoff secured to a thin sheet metal chassis. These metal fasteners ensure safe grounding of electrical components and help reduce or eliminate hardware damage that can occur due to vibration and collision.

Captive Fastener’s Self Clinching Standoff vs. PEM® Standoffs

For over 25 years, JHP has been carrying Captive Fastener’s self clinching standoffs and other self clinching fasteners. In that time, it’s been proven time and again that a Captive standoff provides performance just as good as—if not better than—that of a similar, but better-known, PEM® standoff.

In dimensions, geometry, and durability, a Captive Fastener self clinching standoff is a perfect replacement for a PEM® standoff. When it comes to quality and value for your dollar, however, Captive’s products are by far the better choice. Make the switch to Captive’s self clinching standoffs today and find out for yourself. Learn more about the Captive Fastener equivalent for the PEM series.

Self-Clinching Standoff (PEM® Standoff Equivalent)Types:

  Steel Stainless Steel 400 Series Stainless Steel Aluminum Brass
Blind standoffs X X   X  
Thru-hole threaded standoffs X X   X  
Unthreaded thru-hole standoffs X X   X  
Blind standoffs for stainless steel sheets     X    
Thru-hole standoffs for stainless steel     X    
Standoffs for thin material X X   X  
Miniature standoffs X X      
Slide top (key-hole) standoffs X X      
Grounding standoffs   X   X  
Spring top standoffs for metal X X      
Male standoffs X X      
Threaded Standoffs for PC Boards X X      
Unthreaded Standoffs for PC Boards X X      
Flare Mounted Threaded Standoffs for PC Boards         X

Superior Quality Guaranteed for Press Fit Standoffs

Monroe JHP’s self clinching standoffs are subjected to a number of performance tests to ensure that you receive the highest quality products. For performance requirements to be met, standoff holes must be properly sized, the ductility, hardness, and thickness of the host material all must meet application specifications, and installation must be performed correctly. If these conditions are met, a self clinching standoff will be able to support an attached component’s weight and withstand high levels of torque and pull.

For reduced assembly time and significant cost savings, use self clinching standoffs in your printed circuit boards and other delicate electronic devices. JHP Fasteners has an extensive inventory of both inch and metric fasteners, and provide quick turnarounds on all orders.

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* “PEM” is a registered trademark of Penn Engineering®. JHP Fasteners is not an authorized distributor for Penn Engineering® .  We are an authorized distributor for Captive Fastener Corporation. Captive Fastener Corporation parts are equivalent to Penn Engineering® part numbers in form, fit & function.