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Round Base

This weld nut is also known as a Plain Round Base Spot Weld T-Nut.

These fasteners are shaped like a “T”, with a full circular base and a threaded barrel rising up from the center of it at a 90 degree angle. The fasteners are available in a variety of thread sizes, including a metric offering, and are made in two different materials. Monroe-JHP Fasteners offers a low carbon spot weld T-nut, which comes with a plain finish unless a different finish is specified. This weld nut is also available in stainless steel material.

The plain round base is flat on both sides, with no projections. That makes this stamped, flanged weld nut perfect for both through-the-hole and flush-mount applications, because there are no projections to prevent the proper mating of the fastener flange and the base material.


Round Base Weld Nut, Stamped with Plain Flange

Monroe-JHP Fasteners’ plain round base spot weld T-nuts feature generous barrel lengths to provide secure thread engagement. The flanged weld nuts we offer in our catalog are manufactured with an optimum flange size to provide secure fastening capabilities for assemblies.

The flange on these fasteners is slim, allowing them to be easily spot welded. The full circular base of the plain round T-nut eliminates the need for orientation during welding. These fasteners provide a great value by removing one of the many concerns related to the welding of assembly components.

The use of weld nuts offers many advantages in the manufacturing process. They can be used to create components optimized for easy assembly by removing the problem of loose hardware that can be dropped and/or become lost. They can also be used in applications that might normally require a large access area in the host part, for use as clearance for a wrench or other assembly tool.

There are a variety of weld nuts for different applications. If you aren’t sure which one, if any, is right for your project, just ask us. We’re always happy to help!

Here are the specifications and benefits of Monroe-JHP Fasteners’ plain flange round base, stamped, weld nuts:

  • Low carbon steel available in 6 sizes
  • Stainless steel available in 6 sizes, plus one metric offering
  • Stainless steel offers multiple barrel lengths in 1/4-20 and 5/16-18 sizes
  • Slim, circular base for easy spot welding
  • Generous barrel length for secure thread engagement
  • Flat base for flush-mount or through-the-hole applications
  • Material: C1004-1010 Low Carbon Steel – or – Austenitic Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Plain, Unless Specified – or – Passivated (Stainless)