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Broaching Fasteners

Broaching fasteners including self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs are ideal for PC board applications. Broaching fasteners are installed into printed circuit boards (PCB) during fabrication or final assembly and are designed to connect the PC board to another board, a metal chassis, or other component.

Monroe-JHP Fasteners’ self-clinching fasteners for PC boards are manufactured from stainless steel, carbon steel or brass and are designed to work with most hard or brittle materials or materials too thin for threading. These include epoxy or resin with paper, nylon, glass laminates, canvas, and polycarbonate or acrylic panels.

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Broaching Self-Clinching Fastener Product Options

At Monroe JHP Fasteners, we distribute a wide range of printed circuit board fasteners based on your project’s exact specifications. Our broaching PC board fasteners provide solid connections and are manufactured from high quality materials. Our PC board fastener types include:

The most common self-clinching fasteners used on printed circuit boards include broaching type fasteners. Because the PC board materials do not work with cold-flow processing, the fastener must grip the board to maintain resistance to the torque, weight, and pull a component projects onto the fastener.

Self Clinching Nuts for PC Boards

Broaching self-clinching nuts for PC boards are often used on materials composed of glass laminate or epoxy bases and are primarily used on printed circuit boards as well as on many other types of brittle materials. With its axially knurled shank, the serrations are designed to cut into the panel material as it is installed.

Self Clinching Studs for PC Boards

Broaching self-clinching studs are ideally suited for use in fiberglass based sheets. They are a common choice in many electronic products and applications. They can be quickly and easily installed and provide an attachment that is permanent and strong. Their use eliminates the need for cumbersome nuts, washers, and other hardware and can reduce a product’s overall Bill of Material (BOM) cost.

Self Clinching Threaded Standoffs for PC Boards

Broaching self-clinching thru-hole standoffs are designed to be fed through standard automatic insertion equipment. This can significantly reduce assembly costs. For applications that require the use of stacked assemblies, the broaching type standoff will provide robust mechanical connections between the individual layers of the overall assembly. 

Unthreaded Standoffs for PC Boards

Monroe JHP Fasteners offers unthreaded thru-hole standoffs in a variety of standard and metric sizes with materials ranging from high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and phosphor bronze. Unthreaded standoffs for PC boards provide robust mechanical connections between the individual layers of the overall assembly.

Flare Mounted Threaded Standoffs for PC Boards

Flare mounted threaded standoffs are a preferred choice for designers of electronic products who need to stack two or more printed circuit boards. Monroe JHP Fasteners provides flare-mounted threaded standoff that will fully satisfy all your design requirements.

Spring Top Standoffs for PC Boards

Spring top standoffs allow for quick attachment and removal of printed circuit boards and eliminates problems associated with loose hardware. Spring-top standoffs are an ideal solution for many printed circuit board based products and are designed to provide quick and easy attachment and removal of printed circuit boards.

Spring Loaded Panel Fasteners for PC Boards

Spring loaded broaching fasteners are specifically designed for permanent insertion into printed circuit boards and will remain captive to facilitate quick attachment and removal of the circuit board. Spring loaded panel fasteners are utilized in printed circuit board substrates as thin as .060” (1.5mm).

Self Clinching Fasteners that are the Equivalent to PEM® Nuts, Studs and Standoffs

When using self-clinching nut, stud, or standoff for a PC board, choosing the correct fastener material is important. Another important factor to consider is the size of the fastener. Miniature designed hardware takes up minimum space on the PCB and once applied, they are permanent threads for the product to allow for component attachment or mounting.

Using a self-clinching fastener as an attachment or mounting fixture ensures the internal circuitry is protected. No loose hardware can break off or twist resulting in hardware damage. They also promote faster assembly times, reduce the need for loose hardware, and are a cost effective way to complete your PCB assembly.

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