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Self Clinching Blind Standoffs

These self-clinching, blind standoffs are specifically designed for fast and trouble-free insertion via use of any standard mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic press.  Use of these industrial fasteners eliminates secondary operations such as reaming and deburring and are typically used in metal sheets with thicknesses of .040” () and greater.  These self-clinching fasteners are offered by JHP Fasteners in a variety of material and thread-sizes. Contact us today to place your next order.


Properties of Self-Clinching Standoffs: Blind Thread

JHP Fasteners offers self-clinching, blind standoffs with the following properties:


The self-clinching, blind standoff is available in the following materials:

  • Heat-treated carbon steel (finished in Zinc clear)
  • 303 series stainless steel (finished per passivated ASTM A380)
  • 7075-T6 aluminum (no finish)


Class 2B, MIL-S-7742; (6H ISO Metric)

Suitable for use in:

  • Heat-treated carbon steel - use in materials with Rockwell Hardness of B-88 or less
  • 303 series stainless steel - use in materials with Rockwell Hardness of B-70 or less
  • 7075-T6 aluminum - use in materials with Rockwell Hardness of B-50 or less

Available thread sizes:


  • #4-40
  • #6-32
  • #8-32
  • #10-32


  • M3
  • M3.5
  • M4
  • M5

 Application notes:

  • Insertion of these self-clinching standoffs can be done via a manual press or via use of an automated pneumatic or hydraulic press. When inserted properly, there will be no secondary reaming or deburring required.
  • These standoffs should be used in material thicknesses of .040” () or greater.

If you need a robust industrial fastener that is easily incorporated into an automated assembly process, the self-clinching, blind standoff will meet those requirements. JHP Fasteners will guide you in the selection of the most appropriate industrial fastener for your individual requirement. Contact or Call us today to take advantage of our:

  • 40 years of industry experience
  • Attractive pricing
  • Fast and friendly customer service

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