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RK-9000 Pneumatic Riveting Tool

The RK-9000 Series is a High-Performance Riveting Tool, designed for high levels of production with minimum in-house maintenance.

The fusion of power and speed, with an improved ergonomic and rugged design, resulted in a series of tools for the most demanding production environments. The RK-9000 series offers a 360° degree adjustable air inlet for both left and right-handed users. The vacuum forces are greatly improved due to its efficient use of air providing extreme extraction of the mandrel after riveting. The easy touch trigger requires less than .25 lbs force to activate. The rugged glass-filled nylon casing and high durometer rubber boot provide the tool with years of protection. Only basic care and cleaning is required of the operator. Maintenance is supported by service centers nationwide and all tools are serialized for maintenance tracking. Every RK-9000 tool comes with a two-year factory warranty*. Contact Us to Learn More!

* Abuse or tampering is not covered


These tools are simple to operate and very easy to service. With a redesigned ergonomic grip, long stroke and low maintenance the RK-9000LS is a great solution for high levels of production. The RK-9000 series was designed with authorized service center maintenance in mind with only minimal care required from the end user. The RK-9000LS is a powerful tool that can keep up with the most rigorous riveting applications.

The RK-9000 Comes With A Two Year Warranty

The RK-9000 series of tools come from the factory with a two year warranty. This does not cover abuse, tampering or wear components but does cover everything else. General maintenance should be performed every 500,000 strokes or once every three years. That’s right, we said 500,000 strokes. Having this done at  a factory authorized service center takes the guesswork out of the equation for your maintenance department and helps you focus on what you do best – being productive.

Jaws of Victory

While many competitors are still using an outdated two jaw system, all RK-9000 series tools use three jaws. The three jaw system is inherently better because of how efficiently it grabs the mandrel on three sides as opposed to two, which helps minimize scraping and provide longer jaw life. They are also affordable and often cost less than half that of competing tools.

Safe – Flexible – Durable Design With The RK-9000 Rivet Tool

When the mandrel collection unit is removed from any of the RK-9000 tools, the vacuum is automatically disengaged preventing any spent mandrels from being ejected out the rear of the tool. This makes it especially safe when being tethered by a balancer in a near eye level position. The air supply is connected to the ring at the top of the hydraulic jug. This ring rotates 360 degrees for left or right-handed operators. This makes the tool flexible for whatever the operator may need. The high durometer rubber boot that surrounds the hydraulic jug makes the RK-9000 series less susceptible to impact damage and increases the overall durability of the tool. The RK-9000 series was built with safety, flexibility, durability and low user maintenance in mind. If high volume riveting in a dynamic environment is something you deal with, the RK-9000 tools are worthy of your review.

Ready For A Better Pneumatic Riveting Tool? Try the RK-9000 Today!

If large production runs are the norm, you should give the RK-9000 series tools a serious look. The RK-9000 series embodies some of the most versatile, user-friendly rivet tools available today. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing what the RK-9000 series can do for you.

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