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Ring Weld Projection Stud

Many industrial applications require use of a Projection Weld Screw that will provide a hermetic seal to protect against leakage of water, oil, air, or gas. This weld screw is ideally suited for such applications. It features a 360° ring projection that provides a strong and durable weld joint. The full ring projection is extremely versatile and enables cross-wire welding as well as welding to a variety of surface shapes and materials. These industrial fasteners are available from Monroe-JHP Fasteners in a variety of materials, dimensions and thread sizes (inch and metric).


Typical Properties of the Projection and Spot Weld Screw


  • C1010 High-Welding Quality, Low Carbon Steel (plain finish unless otherwise specified)
  • C1022 Heat-Treated, Carbon Steel (plain finish unless otherwise specified)
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel (passivated finish)


  • Inch (low carbon): Unified Standard Class, 2A ASME B 1.1-2003
  • Inch (stainless steel): ASME B 1.13-2005
  • Metric: ASME B 1.13-2005

Available thread sizes

  • Inch Metric
    • #6-32 M3.5 x 0.6
    • #8-32 M4 x 0.7
    • #10-32 M5 x 0.8
    • 1/4-20 M6 x 1.0
    • 5/16-18 M8 x 1.25
    • 3/8-16 M10 x 1.5

Note: A variety of dimensional characteristics also available (lengths, heights, diameters, etc)

Application notes

When properly installed, this projection weld screw will provide a strong hermetic seal to protect against leakage of water, oil, air, or gas. This makes this industrial fastener a popular choice within the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. The 360° ring projection provides an exceptionally strong circular weld joint and is ideal for cross-wire welding. It can also be welded to perforated metal surfaces.

For applications that require a weld screw that can also function as a strong hermetic seal, this projection weld screw is an ideal choice. The circular weld joint that it provides ensures that the resulting weld will be strong, well-balanced, and durable.

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