The Fabricators Choice Since 1970

John H. Powers, Inc. also known as Monroe-JHP Fasteners, Inc., has specialized in supplying products and services to metal fabricators since being founded in 1970 by John H. Powers, Jr. John was National Sales Manager for Wiedemann Machinery Company, a leader in the manufacturing of turret punch presses. It was during this phase of John's career that he was introduced to the fabricating industry. John left Wiedemann in 1970 to launch John H. Powers, Inc., representing manufacturers of precision tooling used in metal fabrication, including -

  • Mate Precision Tooling (tooling for Wiedemann, Behrens, Di-Acro, Trumpf, Salvagnini, Amada & others)
  • Wilson Tool Company (tooling for Amada, Strippit, W.A. Whitney & others)
  • Power Brake Dies, Inc. (press brake dies and die holders)

Ken Powers joined John H. Powers, Inc., in 1976 and brought a different set of skills to the company. His experience and education focused more on electronics, computers and business management. Product lines were added to take advantage of these skills while taking into account the interest of metal fabricators.

1982 & 1983 ushered in bittersweet memories as John Powers, III became the fifth member of the family at John H Powers, Inc. and John Jr. and Blanche L. Powers, secretary, retired. We slowly evolved into the company we are today - all the while unwavering in our devotion to our chosen customer base.

Several products we have offered through the years have enabled an in depth look into the daily grind of a metal fabricator. The products included;

  • Cad/Cam Systems - specifically for CNC Presses including turrets, lasers, plasma cutters, etc.
    • Services included installation, training and on-going support. Weeks spent in this working environment reinforced our perception of the needs and requirements of metal fabricators.
  • Hardware Insertion Machinery - specifically designed to install self-clinching fasteners
    • We have the knowledge to install, train and provide limited troubleshooting and service for the Auto-Sert or Haeger insertion equipment. Our experiences emphasized the fabricator's need for quality fasteners, a large selection of readily available inventory, competitive pricing and the resources to respond quickly.

After the installation of quality insertion equipment, customers frequently stated "We have a great machine... now if I could only get my hands on the fasteners". We listened and we responded …

Thanks to several loyal customers willing to take a leap of faith in 1985, John H. Powers, Inc. placed their first order for self-clinching fasteners and added fastener distributor to their line card. In 2000, John H Powers, Inc. became Monroe-JHP Fasteners, Inc., and today we have customers across the United States, in Canada from Quebec to Calgary and into Mexico.