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Projection Weld Studs & Screws

Stud welding refers to the joining of circular-shaped parts with flat workpieces by means of a welding arc and the application of a pressing force. Projection weld studs and screws are special types of fasteners that are specifically designed to be welded to another object. There are a wide range of spot weld stud and tab weld stud options, depending on the specific application.
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Metric and Standard Projection Weld Srews and Stud Properties

Weld Fastener Materials:

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Aluminum


  • Inch 
  • Metic

Projection Weld Stud Options

Utilizing stud welding to attach weld studs is a faster and more efficient process for attaching fasteners than other fastener processes. You can use a range of stud welding techniques to achieve strong attachments on a variety of metals. We offer the following types of tab and spot weld studs for your application needs.

Right Angle Projection Weld Studs

Right angle projection weld studs are designed to be used in narrow channels and other confined spaces. It can be used in applications that require the screw’s threads to be offset from the surface. Positioning of the weld screw is quick and easy and requires no special tooling or fixturing.

Top of the Head Projection Weld Studs

The three symmetrical weld projections located on top of the head allow for a robust weld that will not disfigure the exterior surface of the sheet material. Top of the head projection weld studs also provide an ideal choice for those designs that incorporate one or more blind attachment locations.

Under the Head Projection Weld Studs

The underneath the head design allows for flush mounting of the weld screw onto its designated surface. It is also self-locating and provides a flush surface for easy attachment of mated components. The fastener’s sturdy design ensures that resulting welds will be strong, balanced, and durable.

Spade Projection Weld Studs

For applications that require a weld screw that can be attached to a variety of surface shapes, spade weld screws and studs provide an ideal choice. The fastener’s design incorporates two precision weld projections positioned on an offset spade enabling a strong weld on a variety of surface types and materials.

Ring Projection Weld Studs

Ring projection weld studs have a 360 degree ring that is used to prevent leaking or contamination. This type of fastener is welded all around the periphery of the head keeping dirt, oil, gas, moisture, and other substances from getting in or out through the hole. The ring fastener is ideal for perforated, mesh, or cross-wire base material. It is also available as a heat treated weld stud.
Projection weld studs can be used in heavy duty applications in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. These weld screws are available as either a bare metal finish or plated finish.

Standard and Metric Projection Weld Stud Applications

Spot weld studs and tab weld studs are commonly used for a wide range of applications. Some of the industries that regularly utilize projection weld studs, include:
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Agriculture
  • HVAC
  • Food processing

Projection Weld Stud Benefits

Benefits, depending on the projection weld stud used include:
  • Are used in heavy duty applications
  • Prevents leaking and contamination from foreign substances
  • Large weld area provides high welding strength
  • Can be welded to or through base material
  • Appearance based welding possible
  • Typically, a plain finish (may contain light oil coating)
Projection weld studs are available with either inch or metric threads. They are generally made using a weldable steel grade though stainless and aluminum screws are also available.

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