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Self Clinching Flush Nuts

If you have a need for an industrial fastener that, after installation, will be completely flush with its surrounding surface, then the self-clinching flush nut should be your fastener of choice. Self-clinching flush nuts are available through Monroe-JHP Fasteners in a wide-variety of sizes. Whether your specific application requires metric fasteners or standard (inch) fasteners, Monroe-JHP Fasteners can provide you with a product that will fully meet your requirements.


The advantages of using self clinching flush nuts would include the following:

  • Ease of installation: All that is required to successfully install the nut is a simple parallel press device which can be used to push the flush nut into position.
  • Suitable for use in thin metal: Provides a strong attachment in metal as thin as 0.060” ().
  • No hole preparation required: Eliminates the need for deburring or refinishing.
  • Material suitability: Self-clinching flush nuts can be used in a wide variety of materials, including materials that are not conducive to welding.
  • No secondary operations: Eliminates the need for additional tapping after installation.
  • Insertion automation: Insertion process may be fully automated, thereby increasing process speed and reducing overall production costs.

The above advantages make the self clinching flush nut an ideal choice for a wide-range of industrial and commercial applications. They are available in standard sizes and are dimensioned to meet all industry standards.

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