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Wing Screws

These fasteners have many different names. You can talk about a wing bolt, wing screw, and a butterfly bolt and be referring to the same fastener. Wing screws are often used in applications that require frequent adjustment. These bolts have a wing-shaped head, designed for turning by hand. At Monroe JHP, our wing screws are available in various materials and finishes, with many convenient sizing options.

If your application requires frequent reassembly or various levels of tightening, wing bolts (wing screws) may be the solution. Contact us for more information regarding the different types of wing head screws that Monroe JHP can provide for your unique project.


Advantages of Using Butterfly Wing Screws

Often made of low carbon steel with a zinc finish, our wing bolts are corrosion resistant. They are often referred to as hand fasteners or hand screws because wing head bolts are designed to be installed easily without tools. Butterfly bolts are convenient to twist into place manually with just your fingers. Some overall benefits to using our wing bolt screws include:
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install & remove
  • Tightens manually by hand
  • No tools needed
If you are looking for similar or alternative options to butterfly wing screws, check out our inventory of wing nuts, self-clinching nuts, and blind rivet nuts.

Wing Bolt Screw Industrial Applications

Butterfly wing screws should be used for applications that require frequent adjustments, like opening or tightening a panel. If your setting needs to be fastened or opened on a regular basis, then wing head screws may be a good solution. These fasteners are a convenient option if you need to remove them frequently. There are many types of wing screws that can be used for everyday applications such as:
  • Furniture
  • Drum kits
  • Car batteries
These may not be the right fastener if your application includes substantial amounts of vibration or moisture. Because wing bolts are easy to remove, they are not generally watertight.

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