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Flare Mounted Threaded Standoffs for PC Boards

If you have a product that requires use of a threaded thru-hole standoff which will allow for stacking of multiple printed circuit boards, then JHP Fasteners recommends that you consider the use of a flare-mounted threaded standoff. These self-clinching fasteners are a common choice for designers of electronic products who need to stack two or more printed circuit boards. As with all industrial fasteners, JHP Fasteners will be able to provide you with a flare-mounted threaded standoff that will fully satisfy all of your design requirements.


Properties of the Flare-Mounted Threaded Standoff:

  • Material: CDA-360 brass.
  • Finish: Electro tin plating; ASTM B545 Class B (Zinc optional)
  • Suitable for use in: Materials with Rockwell Hardness of B-65 or less.
  • Available thread sizes: Inches: Available in #4-40 and #6-32. Metric: M3 x 0.5 and M4 x 0.7.

Flare-Mounted Standoff Application Notes:

  • The flare-mounted threaded standoff is easily inserted into a printed circuit board by squeezing into a hole that has either been drilled or punched. Insertion can be performed via a manual press device or via an automated press process.
  • When properly inserted, the standoff will be permanently mounted in the printed circuit board providing an exceptionally strong connection. The flare-mounted threaded standoff provides excellent pull-out strength.

Electronic devices all have one thing in common; their printed circuit boards must be securely connected while, at the same time, adequately separated to ensure optimum board to board insulation and overall performance. Using a flare-mounted threaded standoff as an integral part of your design will help ensure optimum performance of your finished product. JHP Fasteners will provide you with expert guidance on selection of the appropriate industrial fastener for your product.

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