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Four Projection Tab Weld Nut

This Tab Projection Weld Nut features four projections that are identical in size and symmetrical in location around the nut. They are positioned in a manner which allows simultaneous fusing of each projection. This ensures proper seating, maximum weld coverage, and superior weld strength. These industrial fasteners are available from Monroe-JHP Fasteners in a variety of materials and thread sizes (inch and metric).


Typical Properties of the Tab Projection Weld Nut


  • C1010 high-welding quality low Carbon Steel (plain finish unless otherwise specified)
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel (passivated finish)


Unified Standard Class 2B ASME B 1.1-2003

Available thread sizes

  • Thread-(inch) Thread (mm)
    • #8-32* M4 x 0.7*
    • #10-24* M5 x 0.8*
    • #10-32* M6 x 1.0*
    • 1/4-20 M8 x 1.25*
    • 5/16-18 M10 x 1.5*
    • 3/8-16 M12 x 1.75*
    • 1/2-13*

* Not available in Stainless Steel

Note: A variety of widths, lengths, and thicknesses also available.

Application notes

This Tab Projection Weld Nut is equipped with a self-locating pilot to assist with initial thread engagement. The pilot also prevents shunting of the projections onto the threads, thereby eliminating the necessity for any post-weld thread re-tapping. When properly attached, the four identically dimensioned tab projections provide maximum weld coverage, resulting in superior overall weld strength.

This Tab Projection Weld nut is robust in construction and will provide outstanding strength and mechanical reliability. Its ease of use and robust construction make it a popular choice for those applications that require superior weld coverage and strength.

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