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Round Base with 3 Projections on Flange

This weld nut is also known as a Flange Weld Nut - Projections Opposite Barrel Side, or a Round Base Projection T-nut.

The round base, or flange, on these T-nuts has three projections on the side opposite the barrel. These projections are used for resistance welding the fastener to the base material. Electric current is directed through these projections to generate enough heat to melt both the projections and a portion of the base material. Achievement of a good, reliable weld requires the correct combination of current, pressure and time. One of the advantages of projection welding is that it reduces marring of the base material’s surface.


Flanged, Round Base, Weld Nut. Stamped with 3 Projections Opposite the Barrel Side

These fasteners are shaped like a “T”, with a full circular base and a threaded barrel rising up from the center of it at a 90 degree angle. Because of their one-piece construction, T-nuts are highly used in joints subjected to bending. They resist failure better than nut/washer combinations in those applications, due in part to the controlled bearing surface. Not all flange nut joints are critical, though.

Another application that often uses stamped flanged weld nuts is electrical grounding. Electrical grounds use flange nuts to prevent the ground terminal from turning as it is tightened. Weld nuts also work great when the material to be fastened is only accessible from one side, precluding the use of a loose nut and washer. There are many other applications well-suited for the use of weld nuts.

If you believe you have an application that would benefit from the use of weld nuts, we can help you figure out which of our products would work best for you.

In this case, the three projections opposite the barrel on these stamped, flanged weld nuts facilitate flush-mount applications, so no hole needs to be drilled or pierced in the base material in order to mount these weld nuts. The barrel side of the flange is plain, and will allow the fastened assembly component to mate smoothly.

Here are the specifications and benefits of Monroe-JHP Fasteners’ round base, stamped, flanged weld nuts with projections opposite barrel side

  • Three projections opposite barrel side, ideal for flush-mount applications
  • Plain flange on barrel side
  • Resistance weld application reduces marring of base material
  • Material: C1004-1010 Low Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Plain, Unless Specified