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Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tools

Pneumatic Rivet Nut Installation Tools are ideal for low- to high-volume projects and applications. Pneumatic guns are used to install rivet nuts (nutserts) into many different materials with speed and precision. These tools can be successfully deployed in a wide range of industrial applications.

Monroe-JHP Fasteners offers a wide range of rivet nut installation tools, all constructed from high-quality materials to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Email or call us today at 1-800-783-0910 and let us assist you with all your pneumatic rivet nut tool needs.

What Is a Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tool?

Pneumatic rivet nut tools allow for a faster rivet nut insertion process, and their use reduces operator fatigue which can often be associated with manual tools. They require a source of compressed air for operation. Inserting nutserts has never been faster when using air rivet nut tools.

JHP Fasteners is proud to offer a range of air-powered rivet nut tools, including spin-pull tools and spin-spin tools. Check out our inventory today and get started on your project now!

Uses & Purposes of Air-Powered Rivet Nut (Gun) Tools

Rivet nuts are often used to install rivnuts which are then used to join two or more materials to form a strong joint. Rivet nut tools use air pressure to collapse the nutsert into its place. Rivnuts are compressed on both sides, creating a strong bond preventing the rivet nut from coming loose.

Pneumatic rivet nut guns offer precision, consistency, and speed to the rivet application process and can be used with many materials across various industries. Their versatility and dependability make air-powered rivet nut gun tools desirable and necessary for assembling machinery and other equipment.

Air-Powered Rivet Nut Tools

The spin-spin and spin-pull rivet nut guns are two of the most common types of air-powered rivet guns. Monroe-JHP offers rivet nut tools of each type to ensure you get exactly what you need. These tools provide a high-speed and ergonomically friendly approach to rivnut installation and are well-suited for use within any production environment. Their solid construction ensures high reliability within even the most challenging environments.

Spin-Spin Tools

This pneumatic rivet nut gun is an economical choice for thin-walled rivet nuts. These tools are lightweight and easy to operate. This type of tool spins the mandrel to thread the nutsert. Once the nut has been threaded, the mandrel is spun again to collapse the rivnut. The spin-spin type is offered in three configurations.
Depending on the configuration selected, the following max rivet nut sizes would apply:
  • #8 (M4)
  • 1/4-20 (M8)
  • 1/2-13 (M12)
Spin-spin tools are also available in a right-angle configuration to facilitate access to hard-to-reach locations. An air regulator, air filter, and lubrication system are recommended to minimize the wear of internal components over the tool's life.

Spin-Pull Tools

These air rivet nut tools are available in “pull-to-stroke” and “pull-to-pressure” variants. The tool spins the mandrel to thread the nut and then pulls the mandrel to collapse the nut. The tool will pull to either a set pressure or a set stroke.

Monroe-JHP Fasteners offers the following models of spin-pull tools:

Typical Pneumatic Rivnut Tool Features and Characteristics

The common traits of air rivet gun tools include:
  • Handle rivet sizes from #6-32 to ½-13and M3 to M12
  • Single-stage trigger
  • Auto reverse with manual reverse bypass
  • Quick-change socket head cap screw mandrel
  • Operates at standard 90 PSI air pressure
  • 2- to 3-second cycle time
  • Weight of 4.2 lbs.

Sherex Flex-5S Set Up

Sherex Flex-5P Set Up

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