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Weld Fasteners

Resistance welded fasteners are materially binding and can potentially eliminate the need for laborious welding operations. Premium resistance weld fasteners allow for additional components to be attached to an existing metal part, while allowing the fastener itself to stay permanently attached. Some of the different types of weld fasteners include weld nuts, weld studs and weld pins. Weld fasteners are a good solution for creating a super-strong and permanent connection between steel and the fastener.
Monroe-JHP Fasteners provides premium resistance welding fasteners in numerous thread sizes and dimensions, for all your project needs. These unique fasteners feature durable threads and proven reliability. Additionally, weld fasteners can save significant amounts of time and money over other more demanding hand welding processes. While we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the ease of installation of our resistance weld fasteners, these can still be welded by hand if you are doing an in the field repair or if you simply do not have resistance (press type) welding equipment. We are here to provide you with the best weld fastener options and application advice at viable industry prices.
Contact us for more welding fasteners information regarding our high quality weld fastener options. You can also request a quote for an in-depth price analysis on any of our threaded insert products.

Weld Fastener Product Options in Michigan

Weld fasteners are available in various forms depending on your application needs. The styles of weld fasteners we carry, include:

Weld Nuts

A weld nut is a highly engineered fastener that is designed to be welded to another steel object. The weld nut you choose design should be based on the size, shape, thickness, and configuration of   your application. To maintain their form and allow for larger projections, weld nuts are generally made with a greater amount of material than other nuts. Weld nuts are available in a bevy of options.

Weld Studs

Because of the different types available, weld studs can be ideal for light or heavy-duty applications. These specific welding fasteners allow weld screws to be welded on or through a metal surface. Weld studs are available in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes.

Weld Pins

A weld pin is designed with an unthreaded shaft that is often used as a permanently mounted guide for parts that will later be assembled on top of it. Depending on the style selected, weld pins can be used with  either press type resistant welding equipment or a CD stud welder and are designed to provide complete sheet to pin fusion capabilities. Weld pins provide excellent strength with reduced overall weld time when compared with hand welding. Weld pins are generally used for shipbuilding, construction, ductwork, bridges and much more.

Welding Fastener Applications

Weld fasteners are ideal for applications which require a threaded fastener that is more sturdily attached to a sheet metal surface than a self-clinching fastener or rivet nut. Weld fasteners can be utilized in light, medium or heavy industrial manufacturing to produce a wide range of products, including:
  • Trailers
  • Conveyors
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Frameworks
  • Weldments
  • Architectural components
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction & mining equipment
Moreover, anything manufactured from steel or sheet metal is a potential application for weld fasteners. Our weld fastener line card offers more specific information on welding fasteners. 

Effectively Installing Weld Pins & Weld Studs

Capacitor discharge stud welding (CD welding) provides an easy and effective way to install many different types of weld fasteners, including weld pins, studs, and nuts. CD welding systems are easy to operate and ultra-efficient since they contain simple components, are fast and can be used in a comprehensible four-step method. The four-step process of CD welding includes contact, ignition, placement of the fastener and completion of the weld. Some of the added advantages of CD welding weld fasteners, include:
  • Simple operation with no special power hook ups
  • Special welding enclosures are not required
  • Weld masks or special welding clothing are not required

Our Welding Fasteners (and stud welders) are In-Stock & Ready to Ship

Monroe-JHP Fasteners stocks welding fasteners in numerous configurations and dozens of standard inch and metric sizes. Because we specialize in permanent and semi-permanent sheet metal fasteners, we can offer a larger variety of these products than anyone else.
We purchase weld fasteners in large volumes, enabling us to pass the cost savings on to our customers. Whether you need weld fasteners in large or small quantities, you’ll always get the best prices at Monroe-JHP Fasteners. We also offer quick turnarounds for non-stock items, shipping in just 2-3 days in most cases. In addition to competitive pricing, a vast inventory, and quick turnaround times we are also able to provide exceptional product knowledge and customer services that put us head and shoulders above the competition. We can also provide 3D CAD data for many of our products upon request.

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