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Wholesale Weld Fasteners

Weld fasteners are ideal for applications which require a threaded fastener that is more sturdily attached to a sheet metal surface than a self-clinching fastener, rivet, or rivet nut. Weld fasteners can be utilized in light, medium or heavy industrial manufacturing to produce everything from trailers and conveyors to sub-assemblies, framework, weldments, architectural components, and more. Anything manufactured from steel or sheet metal is a potential application for weld fasteners.

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Weld Fastener Types

Weld fasteners are available in various forms depending on your application needs. The styles of weld fasteners we carry, include:

Weld Nuts

Weld nuts are often welded onto another metal piece to bridge a gap or seam. The design of a weld nut is based on size, shape, thickness, and configuration.

Weld Studs

The specific design of a weld stud allows the screw or stud to be effectively welded within narrow channels and other confined spaces. They are available in a variety of materials, types, and sizes.

Weld Pins

Weld pins are designed with a long narrow shaft that is spot welded to a metal surface. They are available in various sizes and shapes.

CD Weld Fasteners

CD weld fasteners provide a strong bond between the stud and base. They are available in inch and metric formats with a variety of style, shape and material options.

Arc Weld Fasteners

Arc welds are generally used in applications that require welding of larger diameter weld studs to thicker base metals. They are available in numerous styles, shapes, sizes and materials.

Inch & Metric Fasteners In Stock & Ready to Ship

JHP Fasteners stocks welding fasteners in numerous configurations and dozens of standard inch and metric sizes. Because we specialize in permanent and semi-permanent sheet metal fasteners, we are able to offer a larger variety of these products than anyone else.

We purchase weld fasteners in large volumes, enabling us to pass the cost savings on to our customers. Whether you need weld fasteners in large or small quantities, you’ll always get the best prices at JHP Fasteners. We also offer quick turnarounds for non-stock items, shipping in just 2-3 days in most cases. In addition to competitive pricing, a vast inventory, and quick turnaround times we are also able to provide exceptional product knowledge and customer services that put us head and shoulders above the competition. We can also provide 3D CAD data for many of our products upon request.

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