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Pneumatic Rivet Nut Guns Spin-Spin Tools

Pneumatic rivet nut installation tools allow for a faster rivet nut insertion process while reducing operator fatigue when compared to manual tooling. OneMonroe-JHP offers a range of pneumatic rivet guns constructed from high-quality materials to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Spin-spin rivet guns are a specialized variation of pneumatic rivet tools. Using regulated, clean compressed air to power the device, pneumatic nut guns install rivet nuts with speed and precision. These rivet nut tools can be used in a wide range of industrial applications.

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What is a Spin-Spin Rivet Nut Tool?

A pneumatic spin-spin rivet nut tool uses air-generated torque to spin the gun’s mandrel. The rivet nut is spun forward onto the mandrel, collapsing against the material. The mandrel is then reversed, removing the rivet nut from the tool by rotational force. Spin-spin nut gun tools are straightforward, easy-to-operate simple tools that install rivets with precision and speed. 

SSG Series Rivnut Tools

The SSG series of rivet nut installation tools are affordable and diverse, allowing for a wide selection of rivet nuts and applications. SSG tools are applicable to many projects, from dedicated assembly lines to various moderate-volume applications. The combinations are almost endless, with options of a pistol style, inline, or right-angle tool, and a 4-40 (M3) to ½-20 (M12) rivet nut capacity.
OneMonroe-JHP offers three styles from the SSG series: As the product number increases, the speed decreases while the torque increases. As such, the SSG-801 tool performs the quickest with lower power, while the SSG-903 performs slower with more torque.

SSG Series Rivet Nut Gun Features

The SSG series tools are light and robust, allowing them to work in abusive environments for long periods with minimal operator fatigue. They install most thin-walled aluminum or steel rivet nuts. Versatility, durability, and affordability establish the SSG series tools as necessities.
The features and specifications of the SSG series pneumatic rivnut tools include:
  • Weight of 2- 4 lbs. (model dependent)
  • Quick-change mandrel using socket head cap screws
  • 4-40 (M3) – ½-20 (M12) thread sizes (model dependent)
  • Headset replacement with no additional tools
  • Rebuildable
  • Lifetime of service

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