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Air Riveter Tools

A pneumatic riveting tool is used to fasten together two pieces of metal, such as steel, aluminum, or any other types of solid material. The term “pneumatic” refers to the air compressor which powers the tool. The air pressure entering the gun forces the rivet through two pieces of metal, which fastens them together. The amount of air pressure desired can be adjusted by the regulator.

Pneumatic Riveting Tool Benefits

One of the main advantages of using a pneumatic rivet tool is the stress saved on your hands. When working with a manual rivet tool, you must squeeze the handles together, which if done often, can cause cramps and muscle damage. The pneumatic tool automatically applies pressure to the rivet, saving your hands and allowing you to be more productive. Using a pneumatic riveting tool is also a huge timesaver. These tools can set a rivet the moment that you line them up and pull the trigger.

Air Hydraulic Riveter Options

Monroe JHP Fasteners carries two distinct series of pneumatic riveting tools to cater to your specific project requirement needs. Our air riveter tool series includes:

RK-8000 Air Riveter

The RK-8000 series is mple to operate and easy to maintain. With an easy vacuum adjustment, ergonomic grip and light weight, the RK-8000LS is a well-tailored solution for all levels of production without breaking the bank. The RK-8000 series tools come with their own clamshell case, replacement jaws, tools and nose pieces for all the rivet sizes they install. This series also features a modular design which means that you will only have to replace specific components if they fail, instead of the whole device.

RK-9000 Air Riveter

The RK-9000 series of pneumatic riveters are simple to operate and very easy to service. With a redesigned ergonomic grip, long stroke and minimal maintenance the RK-9000LS is a great solution for elevated levels of production. The RK-9000 series was designed with authorized service center maintenance in mind with only minimal care required from the end user. The RK-9000LS is a powerful tool that can keep up with the most rigorous riveting applications. This tool also uses three jaws and comes with a two-year warranty.

The New Generation of Pneumatic & Battery Operated Riveting Tools

Monroe JHP Fasteners is proud to represent Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. as one of their master distributors. As a master distributor, Monroe JHP Fasteners has access to exclusive tooling such as the KingSet & RK-753 automatic riveters. With a wide array of professional-grade pneumatic/hydraulic rivet tools, Monroe JHP Fasteners is prepared to deal with any application you may encounter. In general, these types of tools allow for much faster rivet insertion and greatly reduce the operator fatigue that is associated with manual tools. These tools require a source of reliable, clean, compressed air for operation. In addition, maintenance training is available for all tools.

We invite you to take advantage of our broad range of industry experience and expertise. Based on your input, we will be able to provide you with expert guidance on the choice of the most appropriate rivet tool to meet your demanding requirements. Excellent customer service, a broad product offering, and competitive pricing are just a few of the tangible benefits of doing business with Monroe JHP Fasteners. We’ll work hard to win your business!

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