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Air Riveter Tools

Pneumatic rivet guns are mechanical tools used to fasten two pieces of metal, such as steel or aluminum. “Pneumatic” refers to the air compressor required to power the riveting tool. The air pressure forces the rivet to compress and join the materials, sealing them in an often waterproof-tight bond.

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What is a Pneumatic Rivet Gun?

Pneumatic rivet guns are an advanced form of riveting tools. The pneumatic advantages allow for the rapid installation of rivets. An additional benefit to the user is less physical stress on the hands, as an automatic rivet tool does not require the repeated squeezing of handles to install the rivet. The riveter can quickly apply rivets, saving production time and money.

What is a Pneumatic Riveting Gun Used For?

Rivets are a variation of fasteners used to secure two or more materials together permanently. Pneumatic rivet guns are quick and efficient rivet installation tools. They offer less margin for error with precise installation.
Rivets are commonly used in marine or aerospace applications. The tight seal created with riveting tools is generally water-resistant, ensuring a secure, reliable hold. Rivets are shake-resistant and impossible to open, making them ideal for permanent applications. A pneumatic riveting gun accelerates installation, reducing labor costs and saving valuable time.

Automatic Rivet Tools by OneMonroe-JHP

OneMonroe-JHP carries two distinct series of pneumatic riveting tools to cater to your specific project requirements.

RK-8000 Air Riveter

The RK-8000 series is simple to operate and easy to maintain. With an easy vacuum adjustment, a light weight, and an ergonomic grip, the RK-8000 is a well-tailored solution for all production levels. The RK-8000 series features a clamshell case, replacement jaws, tools, and nose pieces for all installable rivet sizes. Additionally, the modular design allows for replacing specific components for maintenance instead of the entire device.

RK-9000 Air Riveter

The RK-9000 series is easy to service and operate. A redesigned ergonomic grip and long stroke establish the RK-9000 as an excellent solution for elevated production levels. The RK-9000 series was designed with authorized service center maintenance for minimal care required. It is applicable to the most rigorous projects, uses three jaws, and is equipped with a two-year warranty.

How Do You Use a Pneumatic Riveting Gun?

Automatic rivet guns by OneMonroe-JHP feature three jaw pieces to grab the rivets. The jaws secure the rivet while the air pressure pulls the mandrel through the rivet, compressing the rivet head against the fastened material. The mandrel is snapped off once the rivet is tightly secured, cleanly sealing it to the material. The riveting process is quick and efficient using automatic riveting tools.

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