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Self Clinching Studs for Thin Material

These self-clinching studs are an ideal choice when dealing with thin-sheet materials. They can be effectively used in materials as thin as .020” (0.5mm) and will provide excellent overall performance. Self Clinching Studs for thin sheet materials works great for cold rolled steel.

When ordering these self clinching industrial fasteners from Monroe-JHP Fasteners, you will have a selection of materials and thread sizes (inch and metric) from which to choose. Contact Monroe-JHP Fasteners today for your next self-clinching stud order!


Typical properties of the non-flush, self-clinching stud include:

  • Material: Your choice of:
    • Heat-treated carbon steel (finished in Zinc clear)
    • 300 series stainless steel (finished per Passivated ASTM A380)
    • 2024-T4 Aluminum – None
  • Suitable for use in: Cold-rolled steel or 5052-H34 aluminum with the following Rockwell Hardness:
    • Heat-treated carbon steel – HRB-80 or less
    • 300 series stainless steel – HRB-70 or less
    • 2024-T4 Aluminum – use in materials with HRB-50 or less
  • Thread: Class 2A, MIL-S-772, (6g ISO metric).
  • Available thread sizes: Your choice of:
    • Inches: #4-40, #6-32, #8-32, #10-24, #10-32
    • Metric (mm): M3 x 0.5, M4 x 0.7, M5 x 0.8
  • Available stud lengths: Depending on thread size, the following stud lengths are available:
    • Inches: Range from .250 through 1.50
    • Metric: Range from 6mm to 38mm

Self Clinching Studs for Thin Material Application Notes:

The self-clinching stud is inserted into a properly sized hole that has either been drilled or punched into the sheet material. A manual press or an automated press device may be used to insert the stud. Depending on the thread size of the stud, in combination with the sheet material being used, an installation force of between 1300 and 3700 pounds will be required. When properly inserted, the stud head will project above the surface of the sheet material. It is important not to exceed the recommended installation force.

Depending on the self-clinching stud’s thread size, in combination with the composition and thickness of the sheet material being used, the following performance ranges will be achieved:

  • Push-out performance: Between 40 and 145 pounds
  • Torque-out performance: Between 6.9 and 29.7 pounds

When having to deal with very thin sheet material, it is important to select a self-clinching fastener that will provide sufficient thin-material performance. The non-flush, self-clinching stud is an ideal choice for those applications. Monroe JHP Fasteners offers a wide assortment of these industrial fasteners at very competitive pricing.

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- Excellent pricing
- Short delivery times
- Excellent consultation

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