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Flanged CD Weld Pins – Inch / Metric

These capacitor discharge (CD) Flanged Weld Pins are specifically designed for welding to thin sheet materials and are often used as hard stops and/or location points. For applications that require a weld pin with an internal thread, these pins can be tapped to provide the required thread characteristics. The flange provides greater stability as well as a larger bond surface that works to increase the strength and reliability of the weld. These industrial fasteners are available from Monroe-JHP Fasteners in a variety of materials and dimensions (inch and metric).


Typical Properties of the Flanged CD Weld Pin

CD Weld Pin Materials

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum Alloy

Available Flanged Pin Body Diameters

  • Inch Metric (mm)
    • 1/8” 3.0
    • 5/32” 4.0
    • 3/16” 5.0
    • 0.215” 6.0
    • 1/4" 8.0
    • 5/16” 10.0
    • 3/8”

Note: A wide variety of flange diameters and pin lengths also available.

CD Flanged Pin Application Notes

When properly welded, using the capacitance discharge method, there will be no reverse side marking. This is due to the minimal thermal impact on the material during the welding process. To achieve maximum weld performance the welding surface must be clean (no paint or coatings) and flat. Only 110v power is required for the welding process, and these flanged weld pins can be attached using standard CD welding equipment. The resulting weld will be stronger than the surrounding sheet material.

For applications that require a flanged weld pin that is well suited for capacitance discharge welding, and that can be welded to thin sheet metal materials, this weld pin would be an excellent choice. This weld pin is a popular choice for applications that require a weld pin to serve the function of a hard stop and/or location point.

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