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Miniature Self-Locking Self-Clinching Nuts

The self-clinching fastener with self-locking threads has been designed to provide exceptionally strong threads in a relatively small space. These industrial fasteners are directly interchangeable with applicable industry standards. Monroe-JHP Fasteners has a long history of supplying these self-clinching fasteners to a wide range of industrial fastener consumers.


Mini Self-Locking Clinch Nuts properties:

Material: 303 stainless steel (finished in black dry-film lubricant per MIL-46010 Type I over cadmium).

Thread: Self-locking class 3B MIL-S-7742 6H ISO metric.

Suitable for use in: Materials with Rockwell Hardness of B-70 or less.

Miniature Self Locking Thread Sizes:

  • Inches:
    • #4-40
    • #6-32
    • #8-32
    • #10-32
    • 1/4-20
    • 1/4-28
  • Metric:
    • M3 x 0.5
    • M4 x 0.7
    • M5 x 0.8
    • M5 x 1.0

Miniature Self Clinching Nut Notes:

Insertion of these self-clinching fasteners can be done via a manual press or via use of an automated hydraulic press. Depending on thread size and sheet material, an insertion force of between 900 and will be required. Many applications use an automated insertion process as a means to reduce assembly costs.

Depending on thread size and sheet material (cold-rolled steel or 5052-H34 aluminum), a push-out performance of between 85 and will be attained. Torque-out will be between 10 and 70.

If your product or application requires an industrial fastener that provides strong locking thread performance within a minimum amount of space, then JHP Fasteners recommends that you consider the use of a self-clinching fastener with self-locking threads.

If you are searching for a supplier of industrial fasteners that maintains a wide product offering, provides expert product consultation, and has consistent and competitive pricing, then we invite you to contact JHP Fasteners. Our objective is to be your one-stop-shop location for all your fastener needs.

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