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Swage Style Blind Rivet Nut (Knurled Body)

These blind rivet nuts provide a 360° contact with the parent material and their knurled body provides exceptional performance in the areas of torque-out, pull-out, and push-thru. These industrial fasteners are also cadmium free. JHP Fasteners offers a selection of these rivet nuts that includes several different materials as well as a variety of thread sizes (inch and metric).



Typical properties of the cadmium free, knurled body, 360° swaging, rivet nut:

  • Material: Your choice of:
    • Steel: Available in a variety of finishes
    • Aluminum: Available in a variety of finishes
    • Stainless Steel: Available in a variety of finishes
    • Brass (optional): Available in a variety of finishes Note: All of the above are now available in a proprietary Tin Plated, RoHS compliant finish.
  • Hardware compatibility: Compatible with grade 2, grade 5, class 8.8, and class 9.8.
  • Available thread sizes:
    • Thread-Inches Thread-Metric
      • #6-32 M4 x 0.7
      • #8-32 M5 x 0.8
      • #10-24 M6 x 1.0
      • #10-32 M8 x 1.25
      • 1/4-20 M10 x 1.5
      • 5/16-18
      • 3/8-16

Application notes:

  • Hole size can be impacted by the thickness and composition of the parent material. It is recommended that a few test installations be conducted to determine the appropriate grip range for your specific application.
  • These rivet nuts are easily installed via use of hand tools that can be pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual. The installation process is simple, easily controlled, and less labor intensive that other processes associated with nuts and bolts.
  • The diamond knurled body improves torque-out, push-out, and push-thru performance when compared to other types of rivet nuts.

For environmentally sensitive applications, the cadmium free rivet nut is a common selection. They are eco-friendly while, at the same time, providing robust strength and durability. Do not take chances when selecting an industrial fastener for your product or application. Allow JHP Fasteners to provide you with expert consultation. We want to bring our 40 years of industry experience to bear for you.

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