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FreeSet RK-777 Riveting Tool

The RK-777 Freeset series is an industry-changing alternative to pneumatics. For the first time with cordless rivet tools, the brushless motor of our Rivet King RK-777 Battery Operated Rivet Tools are capable of setting rivets faster than traditional air riveters. In today’s competitive environment, the costs for maintenance of compressed air systems are being realized and work areas are more condensed. A tool-free of air, cords and attachments is now possible with Freeset. The RK-777 can also be equipped with a barcode reader, force sensor and WIFI for process monitoring.

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Cordless Rivet Tool Specifications

The concept is simple. Add intelligence to a high-performance tool, with a renewable energy source and you arrive with the technology of FreeSet. The RK-777 FreeSet is offered in three main configurations: Lite, Standard, and Pro. Additional options are also available which allow us to meet and exceed the needs of any user. Whether operating without access to a compressor, de-cluttering work cells, or incorporating error-proofing strategies in the production line, FreeSet can be configured to solve nearly any assembly problem. Our cordless rivet gun specifications include:

  • Weight – 5.22 lbs (with battery)
  • As low as a 1-2 second cycle time
  • Brushless design
  • Installs 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16” and ¼” rivets
  • Quick release mandrel container
  • 2900 lbs. pull force
  • Intelligently Powerful

RK-777 Battery Operated Rivet Tool Options

FreeSet RK-777-1 Lite Battery Rivet Tool

Our lite version of the RK-777 battery operated rivet tool series features a 18V battery with a high power brushless motor and work light. The included maintenance management system includes an interval alarm and installs rivets up to ¼”.

FreeSet RK-777-2 Standard Cordless Rivet Tool

Simple, efficient and ready for the long haul. Both versions of the RK-777 FreeSet are equipped with a high powered brushless motor capable of pulling rivets up to ¼” in all materials. The addition of a LED work light and maintenance interval alarm make the FreeSet series a great addition to any high production line needing to shed the trappings of pneumatics. The Standard version of the RK-777 FreeSet also comes equipped with a multi-color display, USB connectivity and programming software for motor control and other functions. A barcode reader and WIFI connectivity are optional.

FreeSet RK-777-3 Pro Battery Rivet Tool

The Pro version comes equipped with everything the Standard tool has with the addition of a force sensor that qualifies each rivet installation and provides operator feedback in a go/no-go format on the multi-color display. It also features a rivet counter that can be set for each job as well as the ability to store the installation force curves for up to 150,000 rivet installations. This data can be transmitted after each shift via a USB connection or can even be sent via the optional WIFI feature in real time to your process monitoring equipment.

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