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Rivet Nuts

Rivet nuts are often referred to as nutserts, threaded inserts, rivnuts, or blind rivet nuts. The blind rivet nut’s one-piece design allows it to be securely anchored from a single side to the material it’s attached to. These highly functional fasteners are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. These blind threaded inserts (rivet nuts) can also be used in a wide range of steel, fiberglass, plastic, and composite applications since the rivnut will not distort the base structure of these materials when properly matched.

Depending on your specific project needs, Monroe-JHP Fasteners provides threaded inserts (rivet nuts) in various dimensions, styles, and sizes. These unique threaded inserts can feature increased torque strength across numerous grip ranges while being utilized in a wide array of applications. These advantages along with a simple, low-hassle installation process, can save significant time over other types of fasteners that require larger pieces of stand-alone equipment to install. At Monroe-JHP Fasteners we provide you with premium grade riv nuts in a variety of material options and configurations at the industry’s most competitive prices.

Contact us for more information regarding our advanced quality threaded nutsert options. You can also request a quote for an in-depth price analysis on any of our threaded nutsert products. For other helpful and super easy-to-use fastener options, check out our self-clinching fasteners for an extremely economical way to mount fasteners to sheet metal.

Monroe-JHP & Sherex Fastening Solutions for your Threaded Nutsert Needs

Monroe-JHP Fasteners is proud to represent Sherex Fastening Solutions as a master distributor. Sherex Fastening Solutions is a global manufacturer with a unique market approach when it comes to engineered fastening solutions. They combine fasteners, tooling, and automation to deliver the best solution at the lowest total installed cost. Sherex manufactures products for a wide variety of industries, including:
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Construction equipment
  • Heavy truck markets
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • General industrial

Threaded Insert Material Variations for your Specific Application Needs

Blind nutserts are available as open or closed end nuts. A closed-end nutsert completely seals out the back end of the nutsert to keep out environmental debris. A sealant can also be added to protect against moisture and lubricants. At Monroe-JHP we have rivet nut variations to suit almost any application, however, choosing the right rivet nut for your application depends on several factors:
  • torque value
  • grip range
  • rivet material
  • smooth, ribbed, or hex body style
  • parent (host) material
  • application environment
  • strength of the rivet
  • size of rivet

Aluminum Threaded Rivnuts

Aluminum blind nutserts are easy to install and do not require any type of specific finishing work. Once installed, the aluminum nutserts provide clean internal threads for simplified connections. Some of the benefits that threaded inserts for aluminum nutserts provide, include:
  • Decreased weight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High electrical & thermal conductivity

Stainless Steel Threaded Nutserts

Stainless steel nutserts are commonly used for applications that require high strength and good corrosion resistance. Some of the benefits of stainless steel rivet nuts, include:
  • High strength
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Proven durability
  • Good fire & heat resistance
  • Strength to weight advantages

Brass Nutserts

Brass threaded rivnuts are regularly utilized for applications that require a metal with extremely versatile characteristics. Since steel/zinc threaded nutserts for sheet metal can be installed quickly and effectively, they can be used for a wide range of fastener applications. Some of the additional advantages that steel/zinc offers include:
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Good malleability
  • Excellent high temperature tolerance
  • Extremely versatile

Nutsert Material Variations & Options

Nutserts from Monroe-JHP Fasteners are generally made from steel, aluminum or stainless materials and are available with a variety of finishes. The rivnut you require will be determined by its application and the thickness of the material it will be attached to. Blind riv nuts are ideal for blind-hole applications in which one side of the host material is not accessible. Applications using screws and nuts need excess hardware that rivet nuts don’t need. Monroe-JHP’s rivet nut variations, include:

Threaded Insert Installation Process

Inch or metric blind rivnuts are installed through a compression process of the nut onto the material, which can be achieved with a rivet nut tool which squeezes the nut with parallel or “in-line” forces. In addition, performance matched torque values can be achieved with the proper selection of nutsert body styles including smooth, ribbed, swage and hex.
For more specific information on our blind rivet nuts, view our rivet nut line card.

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At Monroe-JHP Fasteners we are happy to provide suggestions and information on how to install nutserts. Check out the video below for one option for installation, and contact us with any other installation, tooling, or general rivet nut inquiries. We can help you choose the correct nutsert to suit your unique application.