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Providing an easy and effective way to attach components without the need to weld, Captive Fasteners are specifically designed to be installed via a previously punched, drilled, or machined hole. As a master distributor for Captive Fastener Corporation, Monroe-JHP Fasteners provides premium Captive Nuts, Captive Studs, Captive Standoffs, Captive Panel Fasteners, Captive Panel Screws, Captive Pins, and much more.
Monroe-JHP Fasteners is an industry-leading distributor of self-clinching fasteners. If you are in the market for a Captive Fastener of any type, we have (or can get) what you need.
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Captive Fastener - Reliable Self-Clinching Fasteners

Captive Fastener Corporation is an industry-leading manufacturer of premium self-clinching fasteners used in the fabrication of industrial and electronics equipment produced by major OEMs and job shops. Typical Captive Fastener applications include computers, automotive devices, industrial controls, business machines, medical assemblies, and other precision fabricated metal products.

Captive Fastener – Premium Quality Self-Clinching Fasteners

Each self-clinching fastener manufactured by Captive Fastener is painstakingly scrutinized, inspected, and tested before leaving the facility to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Captive Fasteners’ rigorous quality control requirements ensure that all fasteners are manufactured to the highest possible standards, providing the best self-clinching fastener product.

Captive Fastener – Proven Experience & Expertise

With over 35 years of direct industry experience and three separate facilities throughout the US and Japan, Captive Fastener is a worldwide company that understands what it takes to be the best. Its mission is to provide the world’s most exemplary self-clinching fasteners, delivering personalized service and support for your unique applications.

Captive Fastener Product Options

Captive Fastener is a leading manufacturer of premium self-clinching fastener products. Monroe-JHP is a leading provider of the following types of fastener products: *Please Note: We will make every effort to supply your order with Captive Fastener branded self-clinching fasteners; however, we may substitute certain fasteners with another brand due to demand issues.

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