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Large Flange Blind Ribbed Rivet Nut

The large flange ribbed rivet nut is the most popular blind-hole rivet nut available from Monroe-JHP Fasteners. Large flange rivets nuts are ideal for applying threads to material that may be too thin for tapping or for applications in which only one side of the host material is accessible.


Benefits of Large Flange Ribbed Nutserts:

  • Prevention of spinout
  • Handles high torque applications
  • Serrations hold rivet nut in place
  • Large diameter head
  • Closed end keeps out environmental debris
  • After market installation possible
  • Inch or metric threads available

The serrations of a ribbed rivet nut, or ribbed nutsert as it is also called, keep the rivet from spinning when subjected to torque. They are not easily stripped which makes them ideal for higher load force. The ribbed rivnut is available in an inch or metric thread; styles include European, American, or American metric. It is a thin-wall, open end or closed end nutsert that can be installed with a spin/spin tool.

The ribbed large flange rivet nut is made using stainless, aluminum, or steel. They can be secured to metal, plastic, wood and many other materials. The specific rivet nut is chosen based on the grip range required which is determined by the thickness of the host material.

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The large flange blind nutsert is also available as a smooth body version and with a closed end option. For more information on rivnuts from JHP Fasteners, contact us. We’ll help you find the inch or metric fastener you need to complete your application.