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Multi-Grip Rivet

Multi-grip blind rivets provide a wider grip range than traditional blind rivets. The rivets are able to be used for multiple and varied applications, allowing manufacturers to stock fewer rivet varieties. This means less storage space, fewer stock parts to track and order, and less chance of the wrong rivet being used for an assembly.


Multi-grip Blind Rivets

Monroe JHP Fasteners offers both ring style and crimp style multi-grip blind rivets. The ring style gives aesthetic appeal to the back side of the assembly. The crimp style has excellent hole-fill ability and strength, as compared to standard blind rivets and ring style multi-grip blind rivets. Both styles provide good, rattle-free joint construction, even in slightly irregular holes.

Multi-grip Blind Rivet Head Styles:

  • Button (or Dome): The most versatile and commonly-specified head style, the button head has twice the diameter of the rivet body. It features a low profile and gives the assembly a finished look.
  • Large Flange: These rivets have twice the under-head bearing surface of button head rivets. Large flange rivets typically are used in applications joining soft or brittle materials to a rigid backing material, because they spread the clamping force over a larger area to prevent assembly surface damage.
  • Countersunk: This head style is used whenever a flush surface is required. The rivets are sometimes referred to as “flush head rivets”, and require that a hole be countersunk into the material prior to the setting of the rivet.

All Monroe JHP Fasteners’ multi-grip blind rivets are TS-16949 produced and, when applicable on steel, trivalent zinc plated for ROHS and GMW3044 compliance

Blind Multi-Grip Rivet Material Options:

Aluminum Multi-Grip Rivet:

  • Button (dome) head or large flange rivets
  • Aluminum rivet, aluminum alloy mandrel

Steel Multi-Grip Rivet:

  • Button (dome) head or large flange rivets
  • Rivet and mandrel steel, zinc plated

Aluminum/Steel Multi-Grip Rivet:

  • Button (dome) head, large flange and countersunk rivets available
  • Aluminum rivet, mandrel steel, zinc plated

Rivet Installation Tools

Monroe JHP Fasteners offers a large selection of new installation tooling for rivets and other fasteners. We stock high quality, high-performance equipment for a broad range of fastening applications. Our inventory includes:

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