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Locking 3 Projection Hex Weld Nut

Weld nuts are commonly used in the automotive industry. Initially, steel products were drilled and tapped on assembly lines. This was a time-consuming process, and required the use of sufficiently thick materials.

Then someone came up with the idea of welding nuts and bolts into holes drilled into the steel part, and the weld nut was born. This allowed the use of thinner metal parts in applications that previously had to be thick enough to be drilled and tapped. Weld nuts are also great for connecting parts that can only be accessed from one side, leaving no easy way to install a nut or bolt from behind the material.


Features and Benefits of Locking 3 Projection Hex Weld Nuts

  • Hex-shaped weld nuts offer high torque capabilities, and these weld nuts from Monroe-JHP Fasteners also boast a prevailing torque locking feature. The locking feature provides a vibration-resistant union with the mating part, creating a safe and enduring assembly. These are good to use on many parts that are exposed to a lot of vibration, but that don’t require a high-Grade nut.
  • With three projections that provide a non-rocking, firm current connection during welding, these hex weld nuts are designed to help in the creation of a safe assembly. The projection mass and pilot height remain in proportion to one another whether you are using the short pilot for thin materials, or the taller pilot for thicker materials, helping to ensure a proper weld.
  • The pilot, or locator ring, helps to ensure proper positioning of the nut in the part, and it eliminates the need for expensive jigs or centering devices. The pilot also helps to reduce the welding spatter that often gets on the threads of the nut as it’s welded.

To sum it up, this hex weld nut is affordable, versatile and makes installation easier for the welder by offering three projections and a pilot. When all is said and done, the locking feature holds the torque to help ensure that the assembly remains expertly intact, even in applications exposed to vibration.

Our Hex-Shaped Weld Nuts


C1010 High-Welding Quality, Low Carbon Steel


Plain, Unless Specified


Unified Standard Class 2B, ASME B1.1-2003

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