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Unthreaded Standoffs for PC Boards

These un-threaded industrial fasteners allow screws to be inserted through multiple layered boards on stacked assemblies. Monroe-JHP Fasteners offers these thru-hole standoffs in a variety of size and material configurations. Monroe-JHP Fasteners offers a huge selection of thru-hole self-clinching standoffs. Manufactured from high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and phosphor bronze, they are available in inch and metric sizes to suit a wide range of applications.


Properties of the Broaching Type Standoff:

  • Material: The broaching type standoff is available in:
    • Carbon steel (finished in electro tin plating ASTM B545 Class B) (Zinc clear optional)
    • 300 series stainless steel (finished per passivated ASTM A380)
  • Suitable for use in: Suitable usage as follows:
    • Carbon steel - use in materials with Rockwell Hardness of B-60 or less
    • 300 series stainless steel - use in materials with Rockwell Hardness of B-70 or less
  • Available thread sizes (threaded versions): Inches: Available in #4-40 and #6-32. Metric: Available in M3 x 0.5.

Broaching Standoff Application Notes:

  • The broaching type standoffs are identical to industry standards, which mean they can be fed through standard automatic insertion equipment. This can significantly reduce assembly costs.
  • These industrial fasteners are designed for use in unplated thru-holes. When installed in plated thru-holes, a hole tolerance of +.005” -.001” (+.13mm -.03mm) is recommended. When used in plated thru-holes the performance of the standoff may be reduced and the hole plating may be damaged by the standoff’s knurl.
  • Depending on thread size, the broaching type standoff provides push-out performance of between 65 pounds and 85 pounds. Torque-out performance will be between 14 pounds and 29 pounds.

For applications that require the use of stacked assemblies, the broaching type standoff will provide robust mechanical connections between the individual layers of the overall assembly. JHP can offer you a full selection of these industrial fasteners from our well-stocked inventory.

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