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Full-Hex Rivet Nut, Small Flange

The small flange hexagonal European style riv nut provides a near flush installation into the parent material. It also has a hexagonal shaped shank that increases the nut’s torque-out resistance. They are typically installed with standard hand-held tools and require no additional special tooling. These industrial fasteners are offered by Monroe-JHP Fasteners in a wide variety of materials and thread sizes.


Properties of Small Flange, European Style, Full Hex Rivnut:

  • Material: Your choice of:
    • Steel (finished in Zinc Plate-Yellow Dichromatic DIN 50961 Fe/Zn 8, C)
    • 304 Stainless Steel (plain finish)
    • 316 Stainless Steel (plain finish)

Note: Special finishes or materials available upon request.

Note: 316 Stainless Steel has superior corrosion resistance and is well suited for use in the medical, chemical, and food industries.

Hardware compatibility: Compatible with grade 2, grade 5, class 8.8, and class 9.8.

Available styles: Closed-end versions available in M4, M5, M6 and M8.

  • Available thread sizes and diameters
    • Thread-Metric Diameter (mm)
      • M4 x 0.7** 6.0
      • M5 x 0.8 7.0
      • M6 x 1.0 9.0
      • M8 x 1.25 11.0
      • M10 x 1.5* ** 13.0

* Not available in 304 Stainless Steel
** Not available in 316 Stainless Steel Note: A variety of riv nut lengths also available.

Metric Hexagonal Rivnut Application Notes:

The grip range of these nutserts can be affected by the type of sheet material being used. It is recommended that a few test installations be conducted to determine the appropriate grip range for your specific application. Installation of the small flange hexagonal European style riv nut is easily accomplished via use of standard pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual hand tools. When properly inserted, the nut’s head will be near-flush with its surrounding sheet material. The closed-end version of this riv nut is a good choice when a barrier against external contamination is required.

These nutserts are easy to use, reliable, and versatile. The variety of available nut materials ensures that you will be able to find a product that will meet your specific performance requirements. If you are uncertain as to which type of industrial fastener to use for your application, let the experts at JHP Fasteners provide you with recommendations that will be based on our 40 years of industry experience.

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