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Tab Spot Weld Nut

Tab Spot Weld Nuts are a good choice when space limitation is a consideration. Tab weld nuts feature an optimum welding tab that will accommodate a variety of electrode sizes and will allow use of typical equipment used in a standard production/fabrication environment. Tab weld nuts are specifically designed to be spot welded onto flat applications. These types of weld nuts are also manufactured with a locating boss around its threads, which assists in locating the pilot hole.
These industrial weld nuts are offered by Monroe-JHP Fasteners in a variety of materials and thread sizes (inch and metric). When compared to other weld nut suppliers, Monroe-JHP provides spot weld nuts that are strong, sturdy and reliable, at a price point that will not break the bank.
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Tab Spot Weld Nut Options

Your direct weld nut suppliers, Monroe-JHP Fasteners carries a wide range of weld nuts that can be used for countless applications. The types of spot weld nuts we stock include the following: Each unique type of tab spot weld nut that we offer provides subtle attributes that differentiate them from the others. For example, our single tab weld nut is designed for small spaces due to its single tab feature. The double tab spot weld nuts are larger and are ideal for applications that create significant tension against the weld. The twin pilot designed weld nuts provide two equally proportioned pilot holes and are used for applications that require a weld nut with dual threaded holes with pilots. The single tab weld nut, with built-in target  gives a deeper, more penetrating weld than a tab weld nut without a projection.

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