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Round Weld Nut with Projections

A round piloted projection weld nut is ideally suited for applications where space limitation and orientation factors must be considered. This type of weld nut features three precision weld projections that enhance the overall strength and uniformity of the final weld.
At Monroe-JHP Fasteners we can provide a wide selection of round weld nuts with projections in a full range of thread sizes (inch and metric). We also offer weld nuts in your choice of carbon steel and 303 stainless steel.
Contact us for more information regarding our projection round weld nut options, or call us at 800-783-0910 and we will be pleased to provide suggestions on a weld nut that is right for your application. At Monroe-JHP Fasteners we are your premier weld nut suppliers.

Round Weld Nut Options 

Depending on the specifications of your application, our round weld nuts with projections are available in two options. Both weld nut options provide superior quality and craftsmanship over standard projection nuts. The two types of projection round weld nuts we offer, include:
  • Round Projections - This weld nut is made for situations where orientation is a factor along with space limitations. They can also be installed with automatic feeding/welding equipment. These nuts are self-locating with three spherical weld projections providing strong, consistent welds.
  • Chisel Point ProjectionsThis type of part is ideal for use in confined spaces because of its small outside diameter relative to its thread size. There is a precision pilot that aligns the nut in the mounting hole eliminating the need for a fixture or custom electrode.

Round Weld Nut Material & Thread Options

Monroe-JHP round weld nuts with projections are available in carbon steel or 303 stainless steel options. The carbon steel weld nut has a light oil coating with an optional copper flash or other plating available on request. The 303 series stainless steel weld nut is finished and passivated per ASTM A380. The available thread sizes in standard and metric measurements include the following:
  • Standard (Inch) – Available in #4-40 thru #420.
  • Metric – Available in M3 x 0.5 thru M6 x 1.0.

Why Choose Monroe-JHP Fasteners for your Round Weld Nut Needs?

There are several reasons as to why Monroe-JHP Fasteners provides better all-around products and services to our customers. We cater to our customer’s needs by providing the best quality to cost value we can deliver. If a fastener doesn’t live up to our stringent standards, we won’t stock it. Some of the other ways in which we provide the best quality service, include:
  • Our industry expertise: We are not newcomers to the industrial fastener market segment. We have over 30 years of working experience.
  • Our pricing: Our pricing is always competitive.
  • Our customer service: We take great pride in providing our customers with courteous and professional service. When you ask a question, you will get a prompt response.

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