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Standard Open-End Rivet

A blind rivet is often manufactured with a smooth, hollow, cylindrical body that can be capped with a dome head (large flange or countersunk) and finished with a solid mandrel that maintains a bulbed head which extends from the hollow rivet shaft. After installation, these rivets resemble tubular rivets, but in divergence to tubular rivets, a portion of the mandrel stays inside the body. Blind rivets provide strength, reliability, versatility and clean installation coupled with tamper-proof and anti-vibration qualities.

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Blind Rivet Materials

Depending on your specific project requirement needs, our open-end blind (POP® style) rivets are available in either steel, aluminum, stainless steel or a combination of both. These unique steel, stainless steel alloy, and aluminum alloy materials offer a bevy. Our standard open-end rivets are available in Button (Dome), Countersunk or Large flange configurations, in the following materials:

 Aluminum Open-End Rivet

5052 Aluminum Rivet / Aluminum Mandrel
IFI-114 Grade 11

Aluminum / Steel Open-End Rivet(offered in two configurations)

5056 Aluminum Rivet / Steel Phosphated Mandrel, or
5052 Aluminum Rivet / Steel Zinc Plated Mandrel
The phosphate mandrel reduces rivet gun jaw cleaning
The zinc plated mandrel provides greater rust protection
IFI-114 Grade 18

Steel Open-End Rivet(offered in two configurations)

Steel Trivalent Zinc Plated Rivet / Steel Trivalent Phosphated Mandrel
Steel Trivalent Zinc Plated Rivet / Steel Trivalent Zinc Plated Mandrel
IFI-114 Grade 30

Stainless Steel / Steel Open-End Rivet

18-8 Stainless Steel Rivet / Steel Trivalent Zinc Plated Mandrel
Effective alternative to the Stainless / Stainless option; similar shear and tensile strength
For use where aesthetics is not important; steel mandrel can potentially leave rust trail
IFI-114 Grade 50

Stainless Steel Open-End Rivet (Provides an excellent way to prevent rust and oxidation)

18-8 Stainless Steel Rivet / 18-8 Stainless Steel Mandrel
IFI-114 Grade 51

Stainless Steel & Aluminum Blind Rivet Benefits

Blind rivets can create a wide range of advantages for your specific application needs. Compared to other fastener devices, blind rivets and semi-tubular rivets provide numerous unmatched benefits. Some of the advantages that blind and semi-tubular or solid rivets provide that other fasteners cannot, include: quickness of installation, improved tool clearance, elimination of torque problems and stripping and will not loosen over time.

Open End Blind Rivet Applications

Blind rivets can be used for a wide range of applications, depending on your project application needs. Some of the most common uses for open-end blind rivets include:
Attaching steel, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic and even wood  materials together
Attaching hinges
Automotive manufacturing
Aircraft manufacturing
Contract manufacturing
Sheet metal fabricating
Trailer repair
Boat repair

Assembly Process for Open End Blind Rivets

The rivet is inserted into a pre-drilled hole, and a tool is used to draw up the mandrel. This action pulls the blind side of the body up, against the base material, to form a retention bulb on the blind side. These two heads, the supplied one and the applied one, devise the rivet fastening mechanism. The excess mandrel snaps off cleanly, inside the rivet body.
Monroe JHP Fastener’s offers standard open end blind rivets that are constructed from two differing pieces: a body (rivet), and a mandrel (stem or nail) which is used to draw the shell into the fastening position. Choosing the rivets that work for your specific application is determined by a variety of factors, but here are a few important features to consider:
Length and diameter of rivet needed
Space limitations
Load and shear values
Installation tools
Host material
Choice of head design

Rivet Installation Tools

Monroe JHP Fasteners offers a large selection of new installation tooling for rivets and other fasteners. We stock high quality, high-performance equipment for a broad range of fastening applications. Our inventory includes:

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