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Socket Screws

Socket screws are ideal for use in extreme duty applications where even the highest grade of common fastener could fail. Socket screws are typically manufactured with a very fine thread configuration; however, they are also available in coarse thread versions. Within an application, socket screws are often used in tight tolerances where space is at a premium.

Socket Screw Options

Socket screws come in many different forms depending on your specific application needs. We stock the following types of socket screws.

Socket Head Cap Screws

Socket head cap screws have a hexagonal socket in the head requiring a particular tool to install and loosen the fastener. They are used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Flat Head Cap Screws

Flat head cap screws are designed to fit into a counter sunk hole, which leaves no impression on top of the host material.

Button Head Cap Screws

Button head cap screws feature a larger head diameter, which makes them more appropriate for holding thin materials like sheet metal guards.

Socket Head Shoulder Screws

Socket head shoulder screws allow your application to adjust or move without disconnecting.

Precision Socket Head Shoulder Screws

Precision socket head shoulder screws are typically used as fasteners; joining two pieces of an assembly where maintaining alignment is critical.

Socket Screw Applications

A socket screw is a very high-strength fastener that is commonly made from the highest grade of steel and hardened aluminum. They are also manufactured using a cold-headed process to ensure a quality product for every application. Some of the more common socket screw commercial and industrial applications, include:

  • Machine assemblies
  • Die casting
  • Aerospace
  • High-performance applications
  • Clamping
  • Automotive
  • Furniture

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