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Hex-3 Projection Weld Nuts

Hex, 3 projection, stainless steel weld nuts can provide an increased torque value when compared to other non-welded types of nuts. They will almost always perform better in heavy duty, industrial applications. Projection weld nuts are resistant to twisting and pull out when used in high torque situations. These hex-weld nuts have 3 projections that become one with the host material during the welding process, allowing for a fast and secure bond.
Depending on your specific project needs, Monroe-JHP Fasteners provides threaded projection weld nuts in various dimensions, styles (including 3 and six projection variations) and sizes. These unique hex weld nuts feature increased torque out strength/resistance with three or six weldable projections that can be utilized for a wide range of applications. These advantages along with a simple installation process (with the correct equioment), can save significant time and hassle associated with general fasteners. At Monroe-JHP Fasteners we provide you with premium stainless steel weld nuts at the industry’s most competitive prices.
Contact us for more information regarding our high quality projection weld nut options. You can also request a quote for an in-depth price and application analysis  for any of our weld nut products. For other helpful and super easy-to-use fastener options, check out our self-clinching fasteners for an extremely economical way to mount fasteners to metal.

How Do Projection Weld Nuts Work? 

Hex-weld nuts have 3 or 6 projections that permanently bond with the host material during the welding process, allowing for a fast and secure hold. Short, medium, or long piloted weld nuts are available and typically contingent upon the base material thickness. They are available in inch or metric threads and with optional locking threads or even thread masking for select projection weld nuts.

Hex-weld nuts are generally made using high welding quality, low carbon steel though stainless is an option as well. When installing into the parent material, there is a specific sequence of events that need to occur simultaneously. The right pressure and current must be applied for the right amount of time to allow the projections to melt into the host material, resulting in an optimal install.

The Projection Weld Nut Installation Process

Projection weld nut installation is comprised of three distinct components. First, the nut with its projections is placed in contact with the sheet metal it will be welded to. Then the current and force are applied almost simultaneously. This causes the now super-heated projection to collapse rapidly under the pressure and fusion takes place. Once the hex weld nut’s welding cycle is completed, the weld nut and substrate will not be able to be separated without destruction of the workpiece.

Stainless Steel Weld Nut Benefits

Projection weld nut installation allows for a permanent hold to whatever base material it is attached. Stainless steel weld nuts provide a tight, strong hold without the concern of detachment. Some of the advantages of projection weld nuts, include:
  • Available with or without pilots
  • High torque out resistance
  • Projections permanently bond with parent material
  • Short, medium, or long pilots
  • Weld nuts are available in various materials
  • Stocked in inch or metric threads
For more information regarding projection weld nuts in  hex, square or round design, please contact us. At Monroe-JHP Fasteners, we help you choose the ideal inch or metric fastener to suit your specific industrial application.

Three Projection Hex Weld Nuts (Short & Long Pilot)

These stainless steel weld nuts feature triple uniform weld projections that deliver evenly distributed contact with the welding surface. The projections help to accommodate weld surfaces that may not be perfectly flat. It also features a precision pilot that enables accurate locating and ultimately threading of mated components. Three projection hex weld nuts are extremely versatile and will provide a robust spot-welded connection for a wide range of applications and conditions.

DIN 929 Metric 3 Projection Hex Weld Nuts

These metric style 3 projection hex weld nuts are ideal for everyday welding use with a press type resistance welder. The DIN 929 metric projection weld nut is easy to use and works well in a wide range of production environments. For more information on out selection of metric style hex weld nuts call us at 800-783-0910 and we would be glad to assist you.

Three Projection Locking Hex Weld Nut

The locking hex weld nut provides an affordable mechanical locking feature while maintaining the simplified installation offered by a three (or six) projection  style with or without a pilot. Additionally, the locking feature  provides torque resistance to help ensure that the assembly remains  intact even in applications exposed to vibration.

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