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When it comes to fastener manufacturers, we only work with the best. Monroe-JHP offers only the highest quality fastener products in the industry. Simply put, we won’t settle for anything less. Our world-class fastener manufacturers provide premium fasteners engineered, designed, and produced to meet your unique project requirements. If you’re in the market for high-quality fasteners manufactured by the most coveted names in the industry, let Monroe-JHP be your trusted source for premium fastener products.

Our Trusted Fastener Manufacturers

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co.

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. offers the industry's most diverse range of blind rivets, providing over 1.4 billion options. They also manufacture premium pneumatic rivet nut guns and rivet installation tools that feature advanced Auto-Feed and Error Proofing Technologies, providing significant time and cost savings.

Sherex Fastening Solutions

Sherex is a global manufacturer of some of the industry’s most innovative and coveted rivet nuts, and rivet nut tools. Due to their extreme quality, Sherex fasteners are regularly used within the automotive, defense, aerospace, construction, and agriculture industries, providing the lasting holds your project requires.

Captive Fasteners

Captive Fasteners provides over 35 years of direct fastener experience. Whether it’s nuts, standoffs, studs, broaching fasteners, panel fasteners, or pins, Captive Fasteners delivers the products you need. Captive Fasteners’ rigorous quality control requirements ensure that all fasteners are manufactured to the highest possible standards, providing the best self-clinching fastener products available.

Trust Monroe-JHP for Your Precision Fastener Needs

Monroe-JHP is your trusted fastener supplier for the industry’s most respected brands, offering highly coveted solutions for your fastener needs. Contact us to learn more about our premium fastener brands, or check out our blog for the most valuable and up-to-date fastener information.