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Auto-Feed Rivet Tools

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Auto-Feed Rivet Insertion Tools are the ideal choice in high-volume production environments where speed and ease-of-use are critical elements of cost control and throughput efficiency. The auto-feed design significantly increases the quantity of rivets that can be installed within a given time period. They also greatly reduce the effects of operator fatigue that can sometimes be associated with use of manual tools. These tools can be successfully deployed in a wide range of industrial applications. Monroe-JHP Fasteners offers a wide range of auto feed rivet guns; all of which are constructed from high quality materials to ensure optimum performance and reliability.


KingSet Riveters

King Set - Auto-Feed Rivet Tools

The KingSet utilizes a plastic delivery system to automatically feed standard rivets into the rivet tool. The device is equipped with a mandrel catcher that collects all spent mandrels, preventing them from cluttering the floor of the work area. This automatic rivet gun accepts standard rivets which have been loaded onto plastic strips. Two models of this riveter type are available:

Specifications for both #RK-4500KS5 & #RK-4500KS6 Automatic Rivet Guns

  • Weight – 5.5 lbs.
  • 2 second cycle time
  • 8-10 second reload time
  • Mandrel collection system
  • Low operator fatigue

King Set Rivets

The KingSet uses standard production rivets, machine loaded onto a plastic strip. Using off the shelf rivets keeps costs low and also allows for the occasional hand fed rivet when the situation arises.

What's The Bottom Line With King Set Rivet Tools

KingSet tools have helped fabricators streamline the assembly of appliances, automotive products and electronic chassis around the globe. When you choose KingSet, Monroe JHP Fasteners in conjunction with Industrial Rivet’s Application Engineers will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your operations and make recommendations on how this automated, handheld tool can best work in your environment. Simply put, Monroe JHP Fasteners and Industrial Rivet will be there to guide you through the application process and will continue to be there long after you adopt and implement this auto feed rivet gun tools.

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Auto Feed Rivet Gun


With a cycle time of only 1-2 seconds, this is one of the best options available for semi-automatic rivet installation. Combined with low operator fatigue and a quick magazine reload time, you can dramatically increase production over conventional riveting tools.

A Hydra-Pneumatic Riveter

Key features and characteristics:

  • Part # RK-753
  • Available in several different mounting configurations.
  • Rivets are supplied in magazine form which rivets are easily loaded into the riveting handle.
  • Rivet installation speed of up to 1 rivet per second.
  • Setting capacity: 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”
  • Air supply pressure: 72.5psi – 101.5Psi
  • Stroke: 1.18” minimum
  • Weight: 2.4lbs

Machine Loaded RK-753 Rivets

The RK-753 uses special rivets, machine loaded onto a disposable paper strip. Although these rivets do not provide the same level of fastening strength as a standard rivet, they compensate for that with a low profile and ease of installation.

The Quickriveting Advantage

The Quickriveting system is all about speed. You can install rivets as fast as the nose of the tool can find the next hole. With the handheld portion weighing in at only 2.37 lbs. and sporting a comfortable pistol grip, you can install rivets for hours while experiencing little fatigue when compared with other standard rivet tools.

Save Time and Money with the RK-753 Auto-Feed Rivet Tools

If you are involved in the semi or full production riveting of light to medium duty components, you should really give the RK-753 Quickriveting tool a serious look. It’s proven technology that can save you both time and money.

Please contact us directly so we can help you determine if this tool is right for your application. If this automatic rivet gun fits your needs we would be happy to set up a demonstration at your facility and test it on your parts.

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