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KingSet Riveter - 1/8 & 5/32 Rivets

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RK-4500KS5 Specifications

  • Tool Weight 5.5 lbs
  • Rivet Diameters 1/8, 5/32

KingSet Riveters


The KingSet utilizes a plastic delivery system to automatically feed standard rivets into the rivet tool. The device is equipped with a mandrel catcher that collects all spent mandrels, preventing them from cluttering the floor of the work area. This tool accepts standard rivets which have been loaded onto plastic strips. Two models of this riveter type are available:

Specifications for both #RK-4500KS5 & #RK-4500KS6

  • Weight – 5.5 lbs.
  • 2 second cycle time
  • 8-10 second reload time
  • Mandrel collection system
  • Low operator fatigue

King Set Rivets

The KingSet uses standard production rivets, machine loaded onto a plastic strip. Using off the shelf rivets keeps costs low and also allows for the occasional hand fed rivet when the situation arises.

What's The Bottom Line With King Set Rivet Tools

KingSet tools have helped fabricators streamline the assembly of appliances, automotive products and electronic chassis around the globe. When you choose KingSet, JHP Fasteners in conjunction with Industrial Rivet’s Application Engineers will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your operations and make recommendations on how this automated, handheld tool can best work in your environment. Simply put, JHP Fasteners and Industrial Rivet will be there to guide you through the application process and will continue to be there long after you adopt and implement this tool.

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