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Hardened Nuts for Stainless Steel Sheets

If your product or application requires an industrial fastener that is ideally suited for use on stainless steel sheet metal, Monroe-JHP Fasteners recommends the use of a self-clinching nut that is designed specifically for that purpose. Monroe-JHP Fasteners offers self-clinching nuts for stainless steel in a wide variety of thread-sizes (both inch and metric). At Monroe-JHP Fasteners, you will find the self-clinching nut that you are looking for.


Typical properties of the self-clinching nut for stainless steel would include:

  • Material: Precipitation Hardening Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Thread: Class 2B, MIL-S-7742; (6H ISO Metric).
  • Finish: Passivated ASTM A380.
  • Suitable for Use in: Materials with Rockwell Hardness of B-88 or less.
  • Available Thread Sizes: Inches: Available in #4-40 through ¼-20. Metric: M3 x 0.5 through M6 x 1.0

Hardened Stainless Steel Nut Advantages:

As with all self-clinching nuts, self-clinching nuts for stainless steel offer the following advantages:

  • Exceptional load-bearing strength: Provides strong load-bearing threads in stainless sheet metal as thin as .030” (0.8mm).
  • Distortion-free installation: When proper installation force is used, the threads in a self-clinching nut will not be damaged or distorted.
  • Simple Installation: The nut is inserted via application of a squeezing force, which is easily accomplished via use of any parallel press device.

The installation process can be easily automated.

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