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Flush Head Self Clinching Studs

For applications that require a strong flush-head assembly in material as thin as .040” (1.0mm), Monroe-JHP Fasteners recommends the use of a self-clinching stud. These industrial flush head self clinching stud fasteners provide an outstanding combination of high torque-out and push-out performance. They are easy to install and provide robust performance. 


Self Clinch Flush Head Options:


Choice of: Heat-treated carbon steel, 300 series stainless steel, and 2024-T4 Aluminum.


  • Heat-treated carbon steel – Zinc clear - Recommended for installation in ductile pannels - hardness level of 80 HRB
  • 300 series stainless steel – Passivated ASTM A380 - Also suitable for ductile pannels - but a max hardness level of 70 HRB.
  • 2024-T4 Aluminum – None - ductile pannels as well with a maximum hardness of 50 HRB.


Class 2A, MIL-S-7742; (6g ISO Metric)

Suitable for use in:

  • Heat-treated carbon steel – use in materials with HRB-80 or less
  • 300 series stainless steel – use in materials with HRB-70 or less
  • 2024-T4 Aluminum – use in materials with HRB-50 or less

Available thread sizes: Inches: Available in #2-56 through 5/16-18. Metric: M2.5x0.45 through M8x1.25.

Self Clinching Flush Head Application Note:

The Flush Head self-clinching stud is inserted by placing into a properly sized hole and then squeezing into position via use of any standard press device. The metal displaced by the squeezing process flows around the ribs and into the groove creating a flush-head assembly. The stud is locked into the sheet providing high torque-out and push-out resistance.

As an industrial fastener, the flush head self-clinching stud is an excellent choice for many applications. The fact that it is available in a variety of materials and thread sizes (both inch and metric) make it a popular choice among designers of industrial products. As a leading supplier of industrial fasteners, Monroe JHP Fasteners will provide you with a wealth of industry expertise to assist you in your product selection process.

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