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Self Clinching Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

If your product or project requires an industrial fastener that combines the benefits of self-clinching mounting with a reusable, non-metallic thread locking element, then the self-clinching top collar lock nut would be an ideal choice. Monroe-JHP Fasteners offers self-clinching top collar lock nuts in a wide variety of thread sizes. If your specific application requires a metric fastener, we carry these self-clinching nuts in a wide range of metric sizes. The self-clinching top collar lock nut is available in 300 series stainless steel as well as heat-treated carbon steel.


Self-Clinching Top Collar Lock Nut Thread and Suitable Uses

  • Thread: Class 2B, MIL-S-7742; (6H ISO Metric).
  • Suitable for Use in: Material with Rockwell Hardness of B-70 or less.

Self-Clinching Nylon Insert Lock Nut Installation Tips:

  • Thin sheet material – Can be installed in sheet thicknesses of .040” to .059” ( to ) as long as the nut is partially installed in the sheet. The nuts knurled collar must be raised above the sheet by the difference in thickness from .059” ().
  • Thick Sheets – If the nut is installed in a sheet that is greater than .070” () in thickness, the knurled collar may crack if the mating screw is tightened above the maximum specified torque limit.

As with all self-clinching nuts, the top collar lock nut is installed into a round hole that has either been drilled or punched. The nut is inserted via application of a squeezing force, which is easily accomplished via use of any parallel press device. They allow for a rapid assembly process, thereby increasing process throughput and reducing assembly costs.

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