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Self-Clinching Panel Fasteners

For applications that require easy attachment and removal of sheet metal panels, the pre-assembled panel fastener is the frequent choice of industrial engineers. This industrial fastener provides a permanent attachment of a screw assembly to a metal sheet, which may then be attached and removed via use of the captive fastener. Monroe JHP Fastener’s product offering includes the pre-assembled panel fastener in a variety of industry standard thread sizes.

Self Clinching Panel Fastener Properties

  • Material: 300 series stainless steel (finished per passivated ASTM A380).
  • Suitable for use in: Suitable for use in materials with Rockwell Hardness of B-70 or less.
  • Available thread sizes: Inches: Available in #4-40, #6-32, #8-32, #10-32 and ¼-20. Metric: Available in M3 x 0.5, M4 x 0.7, M5 x 0.8, and M6 x 1.0.

Our PEM® Equivilent Fasteners Provide Performace between 240 and 400 Pounds!

  • Depending on thread size and sheet material, an installation force of between 3000 pounds and 5000 pounds is required to install the pre-assembled panel fastener. Installation can be accomplished via a manual or automated pressing process.
  • When properly inserted, this industrial fastener provides push-out performance of between 240 pounds and 400 pounds (depending on thread size and sheet material).
  • The pre-assembled panel fastener remains captive and facilitates easy installation and removal of sheet metal panels.

Monroe JHP's Self-Clinching Panel Fasteners (PEM® Panel Fastener Equivalent)

If your project is going to require the ability to quickly, and easily, attach/remove sheet metal panels, then JHP Fasteners would recommend the use of the pre-assembled panel fastener. Over the life of an application, their use can save you considerable labor and expense.

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