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Weld Studs

Threaded weld studs and screws allow the weld screw to be welded to or through a metal surface. The products specific design also allows the screw or stud to be effectively welded within channels and other confined spaces. Weld fasteners are available in a variety of materials, types, and sizes. Headed weld studs like these can be used in both light and heavy duty applications.
JHP Fasteners provides premium threaded weld studs (weld screws) in several sizes and dimensions, for all your project needs. These unique fasteners feature advanced strength (when compared with CD studs) and exceptional dependability. Additionally, our ring weld projection studs can save significant amounts of time and money over other more demanding, hand welding processes. We provide you with the best weld fastener options at competitive industry prices.
Contact us for more information regarding our high quality ring weld projection stud fasteners or call us at 800-783-0910, we would be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have. JHP Fasteners is an industry leading supplier of weld studs. If you need any style of ring weld projection stud, we have what you’ve been looking for.

Ring Weld Projection Stud Advantages 

Stainless steel weld studs provide a tight, strong hold without the concern of detachment when properly installed. Some of the benefits of projection weld fasteners and screws, include:
  • Uniform attachment
  • Quick and efficient
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Eliminates secondary operations
  • Extremely strong
A specific benefit of the ring weld projection fastener series is that once installed, a hermetic (airtight) seal has been formed between the weld stud and the parent substrate.

Weld studs are generally made from high welding quality low carbon steel, though stainless steel variations are manufactured as well. They are made as both threaded screws and unthreaded pins depending on your application needs.   Tab spot weld studs are used in lighter duty or restricted space applications whereas projection weld studs are ideal for heavy duty applications. At JHP Fasteners we stock the following types of headed weld studs.

Threaded Weld Stud Configurations 


Projection Threaded Weld Studs

Projection weld studs provide a greater weld area and some steel types can be heat treated for special applications. They are available with the weld projections under the head or with the projections on top of the head. The  under the head weld projection studs are for applications where the stud is passed through the hole. Projections can be  top of the head in order to weld the stud directly to the material, leaving the backside of the base material untouched.

Spot & Tab Spot Weld Studs

Spot and tab weld screws have a tab that is welded to the base material. They are available with or without projections. These fasteners can be used in applications where the threaded stud or unthreaded pin stand 90 degrees to the mating material or where they are needed to extend beyond the edge of the material.
These inch and metric fasteners are used in a variety of industries including automotive, appliance, electronics, and many others. Order projection, spot, or tab weld studs from JHP Fasteners today! Contact us for more information; we’ll help you find the right fastener to get the job done.

Spade Weld Stud (Threaded) with Projections

Spade weld studs with projections combine two welded projections with an offset spade, which provides for a strong weld on a variety of surface types and materials. This projection weld screw can be effectively welded to the sides of components as well as to tubing and other curved surfaces.

Right Angle Projection Weld Stud (Threaded)

Right angle projection weld studs are equipped with one precision weld projection that is designed to produce a strong and reliable weld. This weld screw is designed to be used in narrow channels and other confined spaces. It can be used in applications that require the screw’s threads to be offset from the surface.

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