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Self Clinching Spring Loaded Plunger

Spring-loaded self-clinching plungers are typically employed as positioning pins and/or locking stops on drawer slides, racks, and other types of cabinets and consoles. One variation of this plunger has a hold-open feature that is easily activated by pulling out and rotating the plunger head. These self-clinching fasteners, as well as a large selection of other types of industrial fasteners, are available from Monroe-JHP Fasteners, a leading supplier of this type of hardware.


Spring-loaded Plunger Properties:

  • Material: Both the “spring-return” and “hold-open” variants are composed of Carbon steel (finished in Bright Nickel over a Copper Flash)
  • Suitable for use in: Cold-rolled steel or 5052-H34 aluminum with a Rockwell Hardness of HRB-80 or less.
  • Plunger Diameter: .04”
  • Plunger Length: 4.0”

Self-clinching Plunger Application Notes:

  • The self-clinching plunger in inserted by using a steady-force parallel squeezing action. A manual press or an automated press device may be used to insert the plunger. Depending on the sheet material being used (cold rolled steel or aluminum) an installation force of 3000 to 4000 pounds will be required.
  • Actuation of the plunger can be done by hand by pulling up the head and rotating into the locked retracted position. Turning the head in the opposite direction will release the spring tension, and the plunger will return to its home position.

Use of these self-clinching fasteners will reduce the need for loose components, thereby eliminating the risk of loose hardware becoming dislodged and damaging other internal components. They can also provide significant cost savings over the life of a product or project. Monroe JHP Fasteners will consult with you on the various applications that are suitable for integration of the self-clinching plunger. Contact us for pricing, delivery times, or for any other information that you may need.

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