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Closed-End Rivet

Close end rivets provide an extremely effective way to create watertight seals for a wide range of applications. The improved tensile strength and mandrel retention provide increased performance and better overall sealing capabilities compared to open-end rivets. Some of the common applications associated with closed end blind rivets include signs, electronic enclosures, scoreboards, LED displays and more.

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Advantages of Sealed Closed End Rivets (Comparison to POP® Rivets)

Blind, closed-end rivets are mainly used when access to the base material is available from only one side and the application requires a water-resistant seal. There are many applications where the back of the base material cannot be accessed, as in fastening to walls or tubes. In cases where the back or “blind” side of the material cannot be reached, it is not feasible to use sheet metal screws, nuts, and bolts. Even the use of solid rivets requires access to the rear of the base material. Blind break-stem (POP® style) rivets provide a very valuable function in these applications, with the added benefit of being extremely cost-effective.

Cost is also a major reason why a manufacturer might choose to use a blind rivet in an application. The unit cost of a sealed blind rivet is often lower than the cost of other types of fasteners. The labor cost savings is equally impressive because they can be installed at an average rate of 15 rivets per minute. Try matching that speed with a nut/bolt installation!

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Closed-End Blind Rivet Material Selection Process

There are typically three governing factors that must be considered before making a material decision for your POP® rivet application needs. These considerations include strength, corrosion resistance and the material being fastened.
Galvanic corrosion, also called “dissimilar metal corrosion” refers to corrosion damage induced when two dissimilar materials are coupled with a corrosive electrolyte (e.g. water). Certain materials should never be in direct contact with one another (like copper and aluminum) because a galvanic action will corrode the sacrificial metal at a faster rate than the other. Galvanic corrosion is the concern in applications that are high in moisture content, like air conditioning and marine applications.
To assist in corrosion prevention, our close end sealed blind rivets have a completely closed end to prevent the entry of liquids, moisture, air, and other contaminants into the riveted joint. Likewise, this rivet can be used to prevent the leakage of such materials from an assembly (e.g. fluid from a reservoir). At Monroe JHP Fasteners we offer our Standard Closed End Blind Rivets in four material combinations.

Blind Closed End Rivet Material Options: 

  • Aluminum: button (dome) head rivet, polished 1100 aluminum, IFI-126 Grade 9
  • Steel: button head rivet, zinc plated C1002 steel, IFI-126 Grade 3
  • Stainless Steel: button head rivet, polished 300 series stainless steel (mandrel 400 series), IFI-126 Grade 51
  • Aluminum/Steel: button head rivet, polished 5056 aluminum, phosphated steel mandrel, IFI-126 Grade 19
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Rivet Installation Tools

Monroe JHP Fasteners offers a large selection of new   installation tooling for rivets and other fasteners. We stock high quality, high performance equipment for a broad range of fastening applications. Our inventory includes:

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