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Half-Hex Blind Rivet Nut

A half-hex blind rivet nut, or nutsert as it is sometimes referred to, withstands the highest levels of torque in comparison to all other styles of riv nuts. Hex rivet nuts have the best spinout prevention, using its hex design to hold in most industrial environments.


Benefits of the Half-Hex Blind Rivnut:

  • Withstands highest levels of torque
  • Prevention of spinout
  • Available as closed-end
  • Available in inch or metric threads
  • Can be installed in after market use
  • Installs in blind-hole applications

The hexagon blind rivet nut style is generally manufactured as an open end fastener but is also available in a closed end and is available as an inch or metric fastener. JHP Fasteners has American, European, and American metric fasteners. The half-hex rivet nut is a thin-wall fastener. It is easily installed during assembly or during after-market use with a spin/spin tool. The specific fastener will be dependent on your host material thickness.

The hex nut rivet is made using steel with a zinc finish, stainless, or aluminum. For applications where the nutsert needs to blend into its parent material, additional finishes are available that will complement your aftermarket product. Hex rivnuts are used in metal, plastic, wood, or other parent material and can be installed in blind-hole, demanding applications.

Blind rivet hex nuts are ideal in heavy duty, industrial applications. For high torque resistance and protection from environmental debris, order these hex style nutserts from JHP Fasteners. We’ll help you determine the right size and material for a fastener that will suit your industrial application.

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