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Round Base Thru the Hole

This weld nut is also known as a Flange Weld Nut - Projections Barrel Side, or a Round Base Projection T-nut.

There are three spherical weld projections on the barrel side of this weld nut’s flange. The projections and a portion of the base material are mounted by melting them together through the use of electric current; they are resistance welded. One of the advantages of projection welding (the resistance welding of projections) is that it reduces marring of the base material’s surface.

The flange of these projection T-nuts offers additional bearing surface both for structural integrity, and to reduce the possibility of rupture or pull-through in the parent material. These stamped, flanged weld nuts have projections on the barrel side for use in through-the-hole applications.


Flanged, Round Base Weld Nut, Stamped, 3 Projections on Barrel Side

In order to effectively mount these fasteners, a hole must be drilled or pierced through the base material. The barrel of the weld nut must then be pushed through the hole so the projections rest upon the base material, positioned for resistance welding operations.

The projections are equally spaced and of an equal size. Because of their location on the barrel side of the flanged weld nut, weld spatter into the threaded portion of the barrel should not be a concern.

The side of the flange opposite the barrel is plain, allowing for the future close mating of an assembly component.

The threaded barrel rises from the center of the flange at a 90 degree angle, forming a “T” shape. The one-piece construction of a weld nut offers a more controlled bearing surface and nut angularity, and thus more stability, than a nut/washer component combination.

Here are the specifications and benefits of Monroe-JHP Fasteners’ round base, stamped, flanged weld nuts with projections on the barrel side:

  • Three projections on barrel side, ideal for through-the-hole applications
  • Plain flange on side opposite the barrel
  • Resistance weld application reduces marring of base material
  • Offered in two thread sizes: 1/4-20 and 5/16-18
  • Material: C1004-1010 Low Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Plain, Unless Specified