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Spring Top Standoffs for Metal

If your application requires use of an industrial fastener that can be permanently inserted into sheet metal, you should consider the use of a spring-top standoff. These self-clinching fasteners have a spring-action post that enables quick attachment and removal with a simple snap. Spring-top standoffs are available from Monroe-JHP Fasteners in a variety of materials and lengths.


Spring-Top Standoff Properties:

  • Material: Available in the following materials:
    • 7075-T6 aluminum (plain finish)
    • Carbon steel (finished in Zinc clear)
    • 400 series stainless steel (finished per Passivated ASTM A380)
  • Suitable for use in: As follows:
    • 7075-T6 aluminum – use in cold-rolled steel with HRB-50 or less
    • Carbon steel – use in cold-rolled steel with HRB-60 or less
    • 400 Series stainless steel – use in cold-rolled steel with HRB-70 or less
  • Available lengths:
    • Inches: .250, .312, .375, .437, .500, .562, .625, .750, .875, 1.00
    • Metric (mm): 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25

Spring-Top Standoff Application Notes:

  • The spring-top standoff is inserted into sheet metal by pressing into a prepared hole. The insertion process can be performed manually or by use of an automated press device.
  • This self-clinching fastener provides quick attachment and removal and eliminates the problems associated with loose hardware.
  • Performance data as follows:
    • Push-out performance: For .040” aluminum HRB 25 --- push-out = 200 pounds. For .060” cold-rolled steel HRB 64 --- push-out = 600 pounds.
    • Max. first on force: For .040” aluminum HRB 25---max force = 10 pounds. For .060” cold-rolled steel HRB 64---max force = 20 pounds.
    • Min. first off force: For .040” aluminum HRB 25---min force = 3 pounds. For .060” cold-rolled steel HRB 64---min force = 6 pounds.

Application of a robust industrial fastener that will provide a permanent standoff is often a crucial design requirement within many industrial and commercial products. The spring-top standoff is often the best choice for those types of products. In addition to a wide variety of other types of self-clinching fasteners, JHP Fasteners offers a full suite of spring-top standoffs. JHP Fasteners brings 40 years of industry experience to work for you. We can answer virtually any industry-related question that you may have.

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